Developer Confirms Hitman 3 Development Is Underway, No Release Date Revealed Yet

Developer Confirms Hitman 3 Development Is Underway, No Release Date Revealed Yet
Credit: Noclip via Youtube

IO Interactive is starting development with the Hitman 3 to meet its target release date, which was never revealed.

In its November roadmap, the developer said it started to pull out the team members working on Hitman 2. Ever since it was released last year, the company has been working hard on the DLCs for the second installment.

The developer said that it is transitioning from the second game toward the third game. IO Interactive has been hinting that the franchise has been planned as a trilogy. However, they’ve been coy about Hitman 3, despite all the rumors going around about its development.

The November roadmap is the clearest statement that fans have heard from the developer regarding Hitman 3.

In July this year, IO Interactive teased the return of Agent 47. The tidbit was dropped in the documentary titled, “The Fall & Rise of Hitman,” released on YouTube. But the developer stopped short of revealing the release date.

Fans, however, are not as optimistic about Hitman 3 being released so soon. For instance, Hitman 2 just dropped in November last year. Meanwhile, the original game in the franchise was launched in March 2016. Going by that time frame, the earliest release date for Hitman 3 would be the first quarter of 2021.

In the documentary, IO Interactive CEO Hakan Abrak confirmed that the third installment would once again follow the episodic format. It means that subsequent DLCs would expand the Hitman 3 content from the initial limited universe.

He also said that the third game would give a fitting conclusion for Agent 47. It will also encompass all the locations that the protagonist has visited so far. All in all, there would be more than 20 locations to explore in Hitman 3.

Meanwhile, the DLC to be released in November for Hitman 2 would be the last for the game, the company said. On Nov. 7, fans can expect a Challenge Pack for “Breaking and Entering.” This can be activated in Whittleton Creek, and they will win an ICA Titanium Crowbar for their trouble. The crowbar is another variant, which has a very distinct design from the regular crowbar.

The Challenge Pack is also known as “The Great Heist.” You will likely see some hints about its previous name on some of the images on the roadmap.

Watch out for more news and updates for Hitman 3, which will be published as they come along.