Destiny 2 Xur Returns For The Week Of May 22nd, Bringing With Him Celestial Nighthawk Helmet For Hunters

Destiny 2 Xur Returns For The Week Of May 22nd, Bringing With Him Celestial Nighthawk Helmet For Hunters
Credit: Bungie via Youtube

Xur is a well-known name in the Destiny 2 community, as every week the merchant comes bearing gifts for your guardian. The gifts in question are not to be scoffed at either, as they consist of exotic weapons and armor.

Xur’s inventory is rotating, but the kinds of exotics he carries are fixed. Each week, he will offer guardians one weapon, and one different piece of armor for each of the three classes. Additionally, he carries with him a Fated Engram.

This engram is an exotic one, but it is a special one for more than one reason. It guarantees a new drop for the player if there are any left to acquire. This great gift comes at a hefty price of 97 legendary shards however, so make sure you really want one before you buy. This time Xur can be located on Nessus.

Starting off with the weapon this week, Xur is kicking it off in a bad way with the Cerberus +1 auto rifle. The exotic looks good on paper, with its perk shooting bullets from all four of its barrels simultaneously when fired. Unfortunately even though auto rifles are in a good place in general, this particular weapon is severely outclassed by the others.

For the warlocks this week, if you love to get melee kills you will absolutely love the Karnstein Armlets. The perk “Vampire’s Caress” cause melee kills to instantly restore health and continue to restore for a short duration afterward. This means when paired with certain subclasses (Devour warlocks I’m looking at you) these gauntlets can be devastating.

For Titans, those brave guardians net a solid exotic helmet this week with the Mask of the Quiet One. It is especially useful in PvP thanks to its perk “Dreaded Visage.” This perk allows Titans to enjoy increased ability energy when damaged and heals players to full health when they nab a kill while critically wounded.

Finally, this week Xur offers a stable of the Hunter class: The Celestial Nighthawk. This exotic helmet is a must-have for PvE activities, as it turns a Hunter into a single shot DPS god against bosses. The perk changes the golden gun super to fire a single deadly shot which does massive damage toa single target.

With solid options for all classes this week, Xur has really pulled through. Each week the rotating vendor will return with a new host of weapons and armor, so be sure to check back for information next Friday.