Destiny 2 Xur Inventory On June 19-23rd Includes Crimson And Starfire Protocol Exotics

Destiny 2 Xur Inventory On June 19-23rd Includes Crimson And Starfire Protocol Exotics
Credit: Bungie via Youtube

Every Friday In Destiny 2, a special rotating vendor comes to the solar system to deliver guardians something special. The vendor in question named Xur offers players the chance to purchase exotic weapons and armor. As he is the only such salesman in the game, players should make it a point to at least peruse his wares each week.

Veteran guardians have even more of a reason to visit the tentacle bearing Agent of the Nine following the Season of Arrivals launch. Xur now carries randomly rolled equipment instead of static, which means there is value in purchasing old exotics you already have.

Xur also carries a special item called a Fated Engram, which can be purchased for a whopping 97 legendary shards. Each week, guardians can purchase one and nab an exotic weapon or armor piece you haven’t already received.

Now to get into where to find the creature. This week, Xur is located on Giant’s Scar. This region is located on Io, which is conveniently also the Flashpoint location for this reset.

The first piece of inventory to go over is the weapon for this week. Xur is currently selling Crimson, which is an excellent exotic handcannon. The handcannon is unique as it fires a 3-round burst, and heals your guardian upon getting a kill. Additionally, it also reloads itself after a precision kill.

The perks and handling make this weapon a versatile option for both PvE and PvP. The healing and reload can help you gain the upper hand on fellow guardians in the Crucible, or can keep you alive in intense PvE firefights. Either way, if you haven’t yet make sure to pick this gun up.

Next up are the hunters, who have the option to buy The Dragon’s Shadow exotic chest piece. The perk for this one reads, “Dodging reloads all weapons and increases both movement and weapon handling speeds for a brief time.”

This makes the Dragon’s Shadow useful for Hunters who want the best of both worlds. If you equipt The Gambler’s Dodge instead of Marksman’s, you can still obtain the benefits of both using this exotic.

Titans should be happy with their option this week, as Xur offers the Mk. 44 Stand Asides. These are the perfect greaves for those who enjoy shoulder charging around the Crucible like a crazy person. These leg pieces grant an overshield while charging at full health with Seismic Strike, Hammer Strike, or Shield Bash. You can also enjoy using these abilities more often as hits with them recharge a portion of your melee.

Finally, the last armor to go over is the Starfire Protocol chest piece for Warlocks. This exotic has great synergy with some Warlock subclasses and can be used to create a powerful healing build when combined with the grenades for the Well of Radiance path for Dawnblade. The perk for this exotic simply grants an additional fusion grenade charge, so it can be used with other subclasses for increased DPS as well.

That about wraps up the options for Xur this week. Next Tuesday during the weekly reset he will be gone again, so be sure to visit him before he goes. Also, be sure to tune in here then for all the information on the next weekly reset.