Destiny 2 Exotic Weapons And Armor Vendor: Xur’s Inventory And Location 7/12

Destiny 2 Exotic Weapons And Armor Vendor: Xur’s Inventory And Location 7/12
Credit: Bungie via Youtube

With every Friday comes Destiny 2 player’s second favorite time of the week (right behind the weekly reset.) This is the day that Xur comes to the Sol System, and the tentacled Agent of the Nine brings with him gifts aplenty. These gifts are in the form of exotic engrams, the rarest and the most powerful of weapons and armor in the game.

Gifts might be a bit of a misnomer, however, as you still have to pay for these items by spending legendary shards. It costs 23 shards for any of the three rotating pieces of armor, 29 for the weapon, and a whopping 97 for the Fated engram. The hefty price is worth it though, as it is guaranteed to drop an exotic you have yet to discover.

Now that we know what Xur is all about, let’s get into the details. For this week, until the reset next Tuesday, Xur will be hanging out on Titan. To locate him, players will need to travel to Titan, specifically The Rig drop zone. From the drop, head NorthEast on the map and into a building.

So what exactly is Xur selling this week? Veteran players may be disappointed, as all of his items for this week are either base game or Year 1 DLC. The first item on the list is the exotic weapon Hard Light. The auto rifle’s perk is called Volatile Light and states that, “Shots have no damage falloff, over-penetrate targets, and ricochet off of solid surfaces.”

More importantly, however, the gun also has Arc/Solar/Void Cores, meaning you can change the weapon’s elemental type at will. This is the main gimmick of the gun and is a good option to use during Nightfalls with the Match Game modifier, or the Zero Strike Heroic mission. This is because, in these modes, enemy shields are highly resistant to all unmatched elemental damage.

The next item is the first of the armor pieces and is headgear for Titans called the Helm of Saint-14. This exotic perk makes it so that enemies are blinded by entering Ward of Dawn, and also blinds nearby enemies when guarding with Sentinel Shield. The helmet overall is outmatched in PvP and PvE by better options, but when using Sentinel Shield it can still lead to some fun gameplay.

Hunters gain access to Gemini Jester, a pair of boots that disorients enemies during dodge and even removes their radar for the duration. This makes the exotic a good choice for PvP, especially with the mobile Hunter playstyle. The boots struggle for relevancy in PvE, but their Crucible performance more than makes up for it.

Finally, for Warlocks, players can obtain the Wings of Sacred Dawn. Aiming weapons in midair will keep you aloft there and precision hits will extend the duration. The chest piece is abhorrent in PvP, as the exotic perk basically turns you into a sitting duck for other guardians to gun down. It is fun to use in PvE however, as one of the few exotics that changes the way you move about the battlefield.