Deep Sky Derelicts Is A Roguelike Space Game Making Its Way Onto PlayStation 4, This Strange RPG Hybrid Is A Must See For All Sci-Fi Fans

Deep Sky Derelicts Is A Roguelike Space Game Making Its Way Onto PlayStation 4, This Strange RPG Hybrid Is A Must See For All Sci-Fi Fans
Credit: 1C Entertainment via Youtube

Deep Sky Derelicts is an interesting combination of turn-based strategy, roleplaying, and tactical card combat. It combines all three and tops it with roguelike elements giving it near-infinite replayability. Players get to explore derelict alien ships and fight, loot, and survive in a retro-futuristic comic book world.

This game has had great reviews from several major news sites. Everyone seems to love the difficulty of the game complemented by its gritty reality. As a tile-based exploration game players will get an almost board-game like feel from exploring the ships, while still maintaining the strength of your decisions.

The game is set in a grim dystopian future where humanity has been split into two social classes. One class is full of poor stateless outcasts who live off of scraps found on derelict alien stations. The other class is full of more privileged citizens. They live on the surface of habitable planets enjoying natural air, water, and food. If you find a fabled alien ship left derelict in the Deep Sky sector of space, you might have found your key to the comfy life and full citizenship with the privileged class.

You control a squad of three mercenary characters who are set on exploring derelict ships. Search through the derelicts for clues and loot as you explore the boundaries of space. Across the galaxy, you will find friendly inhabitants and traders, more often than not though you will be met with enemies.

Discover challenging turn-based fights. At any time, a randomly-drawn card can change your combat and rearm the enemy with an ever-changing arsenal of actions. As you gain experience for yourself and your crew, loot dead bodies, resupply, and upgrade your base, you will define your life as a true spacer.

This game is a fresh take on turn-based combat. The comic book feel gives it an increased acceptance by fans as it looks like your playing through a graphic novel. With endless customization options for characters and tons of items to scavenge, the future of your scavenging team is all yours.

Discover the story of humanity in the far future. With a whole dystopian universe to explore, this game has tons of content that is sure to entertain and fascinate any sci-fi fan. There are two game modes built into this title: arena and story. Arena provides a PVP experience where Story will take you through the main adventure.

This game will be available on PlayStation 4 as of March 24. You can find it on Steam right now for $19.99 with tons of DLC available.