Deep Rock Galactic Post-Release Support Roadmap Promises Loads More Content

Deep Rock Galactic Post-Release Support Roadmap Promises Loads More Content
Credit: Ghost Ship Games via YouTube

Ghost Ship Games has recently released Deep Rock Galactic after a hefty period of time in Early Access on Steam, and the developers have managed to walk the fine line of the Early Access program on Steam surprisingly well. Granted, to a player it seems difficult to do it poorly; maintain open and honest communication with your fans, don’t offer ostentatious monetization schemes, and deliver on your promises.

It seems like a grade-school level of management, but there is a wealth of titles on PC and consoles that over-promised and under-delivered throughout their Early Access journey, resulting in frustrated fans that feel conned.

Yet Ghost Ship Games has managed the treacherous waters of Early Access all the way to a full release; true to their word, however, they aren’t stopping there.

As has become customary from Ghost Ship Games, they’ve outlined a clear roadmap for the foreseeable future that ensconces the entirety of 2020, and it’s bringing more than a few pieces of content.

In June miners will receive Update 31 with three new secondary objectives, newly shaped cave interiors, and an upgrade to the monster manual. The underlying idea seems to be bringing a bit more variety to expeditions, breaking up what can occasionally become monotony as miners grind for hours in dark caves.

Update 32 is scheduled for the 3rd quarter in 2020, and it’s finally going to bring new mission types.

Only two, but it’s new mission types, so let’s take our prizes where we can find them. Ghost Ship Games are currently mum on precisely what these mission types could be, but as long as we’re not chasing hundreds of Morkite, it’s bound to be welcome. Some cosmetics should be arriving in tandem with Update 32, although it’s all unannounced at this time due to its distance.

The final scheduled Update for 2020 would, and let’s not squander brain-cells here, be called Update 33. Update 33 is bringing two brand-spanking-new biomes to explore and harvest, new enemy types, and a mysterious ‘more unannounced stuff’. Frankly, the vague statement makes sense; game designers are working on cooking up the two new mission types while developers are putting the finishing touches on Update 31.

It’s difficult to argue against vague statements when the alternative is either no statement or false promises.

Ghost Ship Games ends the new and oh-so-shiny roadmap with words of promise; content will continue to be coming to Deep Rock Galactic as long as there are fans of the title. That promises to be a long time. Rock & Stone!