Death Stranding Just Got A Launch Trailer In Celebration Of Its Upcoming Release; Depicts The Game’s Themes And Sam’s Struggles

Death Stranding Just Got A Launch Trailer In Celebration Of Its Upcoming Release; Depicts The Game’s Themes And Sam’s Struggles
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

The official release of Kojima Productions’ Death Stranding is just a couple of days away. Gamers are excited about everything that has been shown from Kojima thus far. It’s clear they’re going in novel directions with their gameplay and visuals. Thanks to this novelty, Death Stranding should stand out right away compared to all of the other cookie-cutter first-person shooters and RPGs.

Since the release is imminent, a launch trailer was just put out that’s quite long. So, if you have some time on your hands and want to get hyped for Death Stranding even more, it’s available on YouTube right now.

It starts off with a man holding a baby, which you’ve probably seen Norman Reedus’ character hold at some point in the previous trailer reveals. The man is holding him after some sort of violent scene has just taken place. He has blood on his face and there is terror in his voice.

The man appears to be in some sort of government facility. It’s clear he has taken the baby and is fleeing to safer grounds. B.B. thus seems to be a powerful resource during these darker times, where society is now fragmented and all sorts of monstrous threats are present.

We then see snippets of Norman Reedus’ character Sam get ready for some sort of epic adventure. The game’s themes are also highlighted in between shots of Sam. Some of these include life and death and connection between both worlds. It’s clear that Hideo Kojima wanted to state the importance of connection with your fellow man. It’s a theme soaked all throughout this game.

It then shows Sam’s official mission. He’s supposed to go West and start delivering these connections to people so that society comes together once again. That seems to be the only way America and the rest of the world can be salvaged from all of the darkness that’s currently present.

All throughout the open world, you’ll visit terminals. They’re isolated and it’s up to you to bring them online. This is the only way to rebuild the country, according to the person in charge and giving Sam orders.

Throughout this trailer, an emotional song plays in the background. It gives the trailer added weight, letting you know that this mission is a life and death situation. It then shows Sam overcoming great odds to fulfill his quest.

If this trailer doesn’t get you excited for Death Stranding, you better check your pulse.