Days Gone Will Get New Game Plus Mode As Well As Two New Difficulty Settings In Upcoming Update

Days Gone Will Get New Game Plus Mode As Well As Two New Difficulty Settings In Upcoming Update
Credit: Gamespot Trailer via YouTube

There is some good news coming up for people who have already beat Days Gone and wanna give it another shot to see if they missed anything the first time around. This is sure to excite all the super fans out there who love to play games like Days Gone. (I know it’s great news for me.)

On the 13th of Septemeber, that is Friday of next week, a new update will release, according to a press announcement made by Bend Studio, the developers behind Days Gone. The update will give players the opportunity to start a New Game Plus, which will allow players to use special features unavailable from the beginning of the first game. And the update also creates two new difficulty settings to make the New Game Plus more of a challenge for experienced players. This is going to be absolutely amazing.

According to Bend Studio’s director, Jeff Ross, in this morning’s announcement, the New Game Plus feature was one of the most requested additions to any future updates for the game. So, essentially, the fans spoke and developers were kind enough to listen. It is here. Or at least it will be in about a week.

During the conference, Ross said, there will be a trophy “related to a mysterious new weapon from an agent that only operates in the shadows.” No one knows exactly what that might be, so we will have to wait till next Friday to find out.

More specifically, the New Game Plus mode will allow the player to restart the game and still keep the following elements: You can keep your firepower, your faction cred that you built up over the course of the game, and you can keep a faster, souped-up motorcycle. That is a lot of benefits.

The two new difficulty settings are Hard 2 and Survival 2. While Hard mode essentially makes the enemies and encounters more difficult to deal with, the Survival mode throws in all kinds of other aspects related to staying alive.

And the best part? Those new difficulty settings are available at any point during gameplay. No need to restart to change the difficulty. So if you find things a bit too easy on your first run through New Game Plus, you can always just change the difficulty right away.

The update officially releases on September 13th for Days Gone. Days Gone is currently only available for PlayStation 4, so sorry Switch and Xbox fans, but you might need to get another console if you want to enjoy this one.