Days Gone Is The Second Best Selling Game In The UK After GTA V Despite Being A PS4 Exclusive Title

Days Gone Is The Second Best Selling Game In The UK After GTA V Despite Being A PS4 Exclusive Title
Credit: Harvey Norman

Despite the mixed reaction it got from fans and game critics upon its launch, Days Gone has continued to dominate the sales charts amid bad reviews. According to the latest data from the Entertainment Retailers Association, the action-adventure horror game is the second best selling game of 2019 in the UK after Rockstar’s blockbuster, GTA.

More surprising, it is among the few new games that are in the top ten best selling list, together with Anthem. All of the remaining eight are sequels.

And the UK is not the only European country where Days Gone is topping charts. Switzerland, Portugal, and Sweden are also among the countries where the game dominated. It competed favorably with other big titles including GTA V, Red Dead Redemption 2, FIFA19, Mortal Kombat 11 and Minecraft. In the US, the SIE Bend Studio video game is also soaring high. In May, it was also the second best selling game of 2019.

Pundits had predicted that Days Gone was bound to fail, but it turned out otherwise, resonating with many of PS4 fans. At the start, yes it was shallow, with a boring storyline. The fact that it was released right after Mortal Kombat 11 also overshadowed it. But the recent wave of post-launch content has brought back life to the PS4 exclusive game. From weekly challenges to survival mode, you can never go wrong with Days Gone.

Surprisingly, Rockstar Game’s GTA V remains the best selling videogame in 2019 despite being released six years ago. Data from the Entertainment Retailers Association shows that Rockstar sold over 361,312 units, closely edging out FIFA19 which recorded 360,588 sales. Definitely, with the upcoming release of FIFA20, EA Sports will finally edge out Rockstar Games with the much-adored soccer simulator game.

Third in the list is Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 with 263520 followed closely by Red Dead Redemption 2, which recorded 259931 sales. Closing the top five list of the best selling games is Resident Evil 2, which sold 239,495 units. CALL OF DUTY: BLACK OPS 4 has been on the news recently for new DLC, and it also featured in the list coming in at eight with 172,065 sales.

Like mentioned above, Days Gone has had lots of post-launch content. Recently, the “Dead Don’t Ride,” weekly challenge was added. Take up the challenge as a post-apocalyptic taxi driver, pick up survivors, and drop them at specific points. For now, all eyes are set on the thrill of next week’s challenge; stay tuned to get updated!