Dangerous Driving 2 Is Officially Releasing Around Holiday 2020 For The Switch

Dangerous Driving 2 Is Officially Releasing Around Holiday 2020 For The Switch
Credit: Célja R via YouTube

In terms of car racing franchises that were over the top in all of the right ways, the Burnout series is perhaps the most popular and successful. These games are beloved for their destruction design. You had the ability to run into vehicles, flip dozens of times, and acquire points for the mayhem you caused. This formula has evolved over the years and showed up in Dangerous Driving, a fast-paced arcade racer developed by Three Fields Entertainment.

This indie British development studio is actually comprised of those who worked on some of the Burnout games back in the day. It seems they wanted to take arcade racing games of the past and inject some modern elements into them. They did an amazing job with the first Dangerous Driving, so much so that the sequel has garnered a lot of attention.

We now know Dangerous Driving 2 is scheduled to release around holiday 2020. Three Fields Entertainment confirmed this release window just recently, and it’s also important to note that it will be launching on the Nintendo Switch. That’s incredible if you have this hybrid console system.

The developer also went into more details on what fans can expect in this sequel. For starters, it will have an open world. Thus, there will be plenty of areas to explore at a pace that works for you and you alone. Open-world racers have always done well in today’s modern era of gaming. These worlds give racers so many more opportunities for exploration. Sometimes, you don’t want to drive to a certain destination. You just want to cruise and see what’s in store.

Dangerous Driving 2 incorporating this open-world system should make it an amazing experience right out of the gate. It will be like the experiences in Burnout Paradise. If you remember, this game had an open world that was received positively when this game released all the way back in 2008. It’s kind of a no brainer that Three Fields Entertainment would take a similar direction.

Lastly, the developer confirmed gameplay will reward players who push their limits at high speeds. This seems to indicate there will be some sort of scoring system that will measure the risks you take while weaving in and out of traffic.

Already, Dangerous Driving 2 is shaping up to be an amazing sequel. It’s definitely a title you’ll want to pick up this holiday season if you enjoy non-stop driving action and destruction.