Cyberpunk 2077’s Future DLC Will Remain A Secret Until After The Game’s Launch, What’s The Matter With That?

Cyberpunk 2077’s Future DLC Will Remain A Secret Until After The Game’s Launch, What’s The Matter With That?
Credit: Cyberpunk 2077 via YouTube

It was recently announced that Cyberpunk 2077‘s future DLC was going to remain a secret until after the game’s release. This left some in the community a little concerned, although I don’t really understand why. Due to the delay of the game until December 10th, CDPR joint-CEO Adam Kicinski noted at the company’s recent earning-call that they’d wait until the game’s launch to release more info.

That Cyberpunk 2077 was going to get significant DLC was obvious, and there’s even a multiplayer mode far off on the horizon. CDPR is a company that offered world-class continued support for The Witcher 3, with incredible free DLC and even enhanced versions of the game as hardware improved.

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First of all, it’s pretty clear that the announcement was a little too rough-and-ready with the word “delay”, a word that has become something of 2020’s motto, both for Cyberpunk and the host of other games laid to ruin by the pandemic. That CDPR was considering giving out information about the future DLC before the release of the game is pretty unusual.

In reality, there aren’t many games where future DLC is announced before the launch of the game, although there are some that give you a vague idea of what to expect. Various interviews, reports, and even the official Cyberpunk Twitter, have given hints that the game will likely receive the same treatment as The Witcher 3. Big DLC packs with plenty of new content.

Especially with a game of this size and with all the hype surrounding it, I doubt many players are worried about the DLC and are much more concerned with whether the game is going to hit its December 10th release date.

In the same earning-call that the news about the DLC came to light, the CEO stressed that the game was going to 100% launch on December 10th and that there wouldn’t be another delay. This announcement is to stockholders, so you can presume it’s a pretty accurate assessment.

This does require, however, a period of crunching from the development team at CDPR. It hasn’t been an easy year for game developers, and this last push for a Holiday release of one of the year’s most anticipated games is probably hitting the studio hard.


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