CS:GO – Evil Geniuses Versus Gen. G For BLAST Pro Series Ends Quickly

CS:GO – Evil Geniuses Versus Gen. G For BLAST Pro Series Ends Quickly
Credit: BLAST Premier via YouTube

After the absolutely fantastic match of Vitality against NiP in BLAST Premier, the fans and casters were more than primed for yet another colossal match as Evil Geniuses (GS #9) and Gen. G (GS #14) faced off against each other for the Americas showdown to determine third place after FURIA and MIBR took a surprising lead in the standings.

Gen. G picked their favored Train which they currently have a 50% win rate on; Gen. G started on T.

Evil Geniuses had the second pick of Inferno; EG would begin that map on T.

Dust 2 was the decider map of the BO3 series.a

Gen. G looked remarkably hot to trot as they opened with the initial pistol round that they picked with relative ease. On the back of a stronger economy, they had a successful demo in the second round. Suddenly, everything fell apart for Gen. G on the third round, set up apparently by Ethan of EG dying from missing the ladder on B site. After that moment, EG then went on to pick up eleven rounds of the following thirteen for the first half. Gen. G was looking increasingly frustrated as both teams went into the half at (11-4).

If you’re picking Train and you win the pistol, you simply can’t afford to only score a total of four rounds in your T-half. This would ultimately spell doom for Gen. G, although they put forward a hell of an effort in the second half where they were able to score eight rounds before EG clutched the map with an additional five points.

Inferno waqs a bit bizarre; EG came out strong on T for the first three rounds, and were immediately locked down by Gen. G on CT for seven rounds straight. In spite of the win-streak that Gen. G was building, however, their economy was wildly poor (due to CT economy being rather unfriendly to CT in Counter-Strike) which allowed Evil Geniuses to quickly turn the first half around, bringing it to a close at (7-8); as close as it could be.

At this point, Tarik opted to start picking up the MAC10 every round for the second half, and would sprint past corners spraying likely positions of Gen G. It was as though Tarik suddenly started playing Call of Duty instead of the more methodical Counter-Strike, and it worked well enough for the player until later in the second half when the economy of EG was far more resilient.

Gen. G wasn’t necessarily looking worse for wear in the second half, but they couldn’t compete in the second half with EG’s well-called rotations that kept Gen. G scrambling to keep up. Evil Geniuses were able to clutch the match with (16-11/2-0).

This means that whenever the LAN event for BLAST Premier does actually begin, Evil Geniuses is taking a trip along with MIBR and FURIA to earn another chance at that coveted first-place finish. Currently, the match isn’t scheduled due to health concerns surrounding COVID-19.