Crysis: Remastered Has Been Leaked As Coming To All Modern Platforms Before The Website Was Taken Down

Crysis: Remastered Has Been Leaked As Coming To All Modern Platforms Before The Website Was Taken Down
Credit: GameNews via YouTube

Crysis is coming back, and it’s a very pleasant announcement to everyone’s ears that the franchise isn’t absolutely dead. They’ve been teasing their audience for a while that something is going to be coming, returning to activity after years of silence from the studio. It appears to be the original Crysis getting a remaster, and it’s coming to all modern platforms: specifically, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and of course, PC. Some crafty users were able to bypass Crytek’s website by finding their cookie policy, which then gave them access to the rest of the website.

It was a pretty crafty move that Crytek is likely somewhat disappointed in, with the leaks coming fast and furious before Crytek simply took down the entirety of the website in a response roughly an hour after the first tweet was leaked.

Regardless, the hype is absolutely through the roof for the return of our nano-enhanced soldier coming to play with modern technology. The question absolutely has to be asked, however: what’s Crysis going to be bringing this time?

Crysis originally made itself a household name with two very important things; unbelievable graphical fidelity that made the title become a standard in testing the power of new PC rigs, and dynamic gameplay that introduced a wild variety of possibilities for engagements throughout levels. Yet that was all back in 2007, back before we saw the obscene standards pushed forward in modern times by the like of Call of DutyKilling Floor 2, Forza Horizon, and a slew of other graphical impressive titles that continue to push the level of what is possible well into the modern era.

Will a modern Crysis once again be able to captivate audiences with a remastered original?

The original’s gameplay, of course, continues to stand even in the modern era, yet it’s difficult to shake the idea that Crysis made its name by pushing boundaries of fidelity and dynamic engagements, both ideas that are consistently executed today in titles by a wide range of developers. Further, the idea that Crysis: Remastered is going to be dropping simultaneously on all platforms offers a small modicum of doubt that PC enthusiasts will once again be able to use the title as a testing metric for their rigs; if Crytek can do that once again, they’re us re to experience a wealth of success with the remaster.

All in all, this has just been announced, and further information will likely be coming forward from Crytek in due time, when they’re good and ready to release it. Right now, all we have is conjecture along with some mined data from a website insecurity.