Creators Of Resident Evil 4 VR And Iron Man VR Have Been Acquired By Meta

Creators Of Resident Evil 4 VR And Iron Man VR Have Been Acquired By Meta
Credit: ign

The first day of Meta Connect 2022 got off to a rousing start. The first thing that Meta did was unveil a brand-new headset that will cost you $1500 but will offer you the most potent and baddest hardware that has ever been strapped to a person’s eyeholes. At the same time, Iron Man VR gave up its status as a PSVR unique title and will be available on Meta Quest 2 on November 3.

In the wake of the Iron Man announcement, Meta announced that it has swallowed up three new studios, one of which being Iron Man VR’s creator, Camouflaj. In addition, Armature Studio, the developers of Resident Evil 4 VR and members of which include a staff member who formerly worked for Retro Studios, the developers of the Metroid Prime series, is now a part of Meta. And finally, the developer of the terrifying game Wilson’s Heart, as well as the virtual reality beat ’em up Path of the Warrior, Twisted Pixel, has joined Meta’s studios to work on developing fantastic new VR games.

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However, it is currently unknown what those VR games will be, as Meta has yet to provide information on what these firms will work on in the future. In a press release, Meta stated that it would be time before they could divulge what they were working on. However, the company is happy to keep collaborating with and backing these developers as they produce innovative and forward-thinking games for VR.

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During the same keynote event, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella announced that the world’s largest technology company would partner with Meta to deliver Xbox Cloud Gaming to the Meta Quest Store. The demonstration indicated that all of the content from the Game Pass Ultimate collection would be playable on a 2D virtual screen within the Meta Quest 2’s virtual world for subscribers.