Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled Bursts Onto Consoles, Along With A Delicious Contest

Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled Bursts Onto Consoles, Along With A Delicious Contest
Credit: Sony

Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled, a game long in development and long-awaited, is nearly upon us. A fan-favorite of the series and one we thought would never see the light of day again. Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled brings with it a slew of content, old and new.

Updated with the graphics of the N. Sane Trilogy, new changes include kart customization, character skins, and the biggest: online multiplayer.

The game seems to combine the best aspects of Crash Nitro Kart and Crash Team Racing to bring an experience that both rejuvenates veterans and entices newcomers.

Of course, it has been quite some time since the original, and many changes have come about, including the unfortunate passing of David Anthony Pizzuto, Nitros Oxide’s original voice actor, who’s since been replaced by Quinton Flynn, who also pulls double duty as N. Gin, a dual role he’s reprising from Crash Nitro Kart.

The Trophy Girls, who were previously only background characters, arrive as full-fledged racers, called the Nitro Squad, led by none other than Tawna Bandicoot, her first appearance ever in a kart racer.

Customization is also a new feature; players are given the option to change up both kart and character aesthetically, with skins for the character, while karts can be outfitted with different bodies, paint, tires, decal patterns, and stickers, all while completely unaffecting the characters actual stats.

The composite nature of the game blends things well, emblematic by its bombastic social media presence, the presentation feedback, and the sheer amount of preorders that even now, on the eve of release, continue to rise.

The game is also popular internationally; which brings us to the ‘meat’ of this article.

Even though the game is yet to be released, a contest sponsored by KFC Gaming (yes, the fried chicken franchise) is on the way, with big prizes for the winners; 10,000£, 48 free copies of the game, a year’s supply of KFC, and of course, the opportunity to compete against skilled racers.

However, the contest is limited to the UK and Ireland, as well as the PS4 edition only, along with participants needing to be a minimum of 18. Currently, sign-ups have been closed, and the full roster is unknown, but more information will be provided when and if it becomes available, courtesy of KFC Gaming.

Crash Team Racing is set for release June 21, with the contest set  to occur the same day, and set to be released for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One. A special Nitros Oxide Edition is available which unlocks content you’d normally have to earn right off the bat, but the PS4 edition comes with some exclusives, namely retro skins and a retro track. Stay and play savvy, gamers. And if you’re in the competition, good luck to you!