COVID: The Outbreak Is A New Pandemic Style Simulation Game Expected To Launch Later This Month

COVID: The Outbreak Is A New Pandemic Style Simulation Game Expected To Launch Later This Month
Credit: Jujubee S.A.

COVID: The Outbreak puts players in charge of a global organization that must deal with a global pandemic. The game is attempting to give an educational perspective to the recent pandemic and help players understand the complications of containing an outbreak.

Jujubee, the developer of the game, is donating 20% of all net Steam sales throughout May and June to the Coalition of Epidemic Preparedness Innovations along with other charities. These organizations are actively fighting the current outbreak. This is to help reinforce their claim for education, and not make it seem like they are exploiting a worldwide disaster for monetary gain.

As the leader of a global organization, players will have to manage resources, develop projects, construct buildings, and issue decrees. This is a race for a vaccine before the epidemic gets worse.

Jujubee believes that games should address serious topics and current news. By publishing this title, they take a head-on approach to fighting the coronavirus. This game really gives players an opportunity to fight the virus from their homes, and the sales will directly help vaccine efforts.

In addition to the main role of ending the epidemic, players will also learn how to protect themselves and their loved ones in the case of such an event. Data in the game is based on previous data published by WHO and on information acquired from consultants and medical experts.

Take a hands-on approach and see how different decisions impact the global crises. Listening to charlatans, reducing medical equipment, and other issues will make your job at crisis management more difficult. As you continue to make progress, the disease will adapt and mutate so players must predict this and take account of what might happen. It is up to you how to handle each country and each population and if you do not choose wisely ,the world will be doomed.

The game is designed to provide an evolving challenge and really give a global perspective to the epidemic we are all living through. Be decisive in your actions, and end the pandemic on the digital front in this upcoming simulation game.

COVID: The Outbreak will be available on May 29 on Steam. For more information, explore the game’s steam page or Jujubee’s official website. This title is a next level simulation that will present you will difficult choices against an ever-evolving threat. Put on your lab coat and find out if you can defeat the COVID outbreak.