Competitive Players Have One More Thing To Watch: Epic Is Punishing Fortnite Players For Signaling

Competitive Players Have One More Thing To Watch: Epic Is Punishing Fortnite Players For Signaling
Credit: Fortnite

Oh man, turns out this week can get even worse for those big-time Fortnite fans out there. After last the debacle we witnessed earlier this week, it seems as if Epic Games just cannot catch a break, but that is okay. Because we all have some bad weeks from time to time. Anyway, players are going to have to be a bit more careful now when they happen to be out there grinding during competitive play if you know what I mean.

If you don’t, then that’s cool too because I am about to explain it to you pretty easily. Here is what just happened down at Epic and Fortnite central: There is a brand new rule in play that is going to make it impossible for players to do this thing they happen to call “signaling,” and this is just a really rough word we’re using for a new form of cheating. Or at least that’s what Epic Games is telling us. Here’s everything you need to know to keep yourself safe, guys.

It happened a bit earlier this week. The company released new rules, one of which outlawed a specific type of in-game behavior the company is calling “signaling,” so get ready for it. It basically just means communicating with opponents within the game. (I think that means it’s totally cool to communicate with your teammates, I hope.)

Anyway, Fortnite doesn’t let you get it on with your voice chat between opponents, so you get it. It’s just not allowed. And now they’re doing everything in their power to make sure it just doesn’t happen at all.

Basically, the behavior itself is what players do when they swing a pickaxe or jump to show their opponents something. It’s like a “hey, look over here!” kinda thing.

And now it’s illegal. There are going to be some broader implications for all forms of competitive play, and it means you really have to be careful about your movements and everything when you are running through the game itself. Otherwise, things could get worse.

In a post that came out on January 20th, the developers released a cache of information titled “Signaling Update-Competitive Fortnite 2020.” The lead developers at Epic wanted to add some specificity to this whole thing, so they ended up telling everyone that starting this year, 2020, they wouldn’t be allowing too much of the pick-ax swinging, toy-tossing, emoting, and yeah, of course, none of the jumping. At least not when you’re trying to use it to communicate with opponents.

Either way, be careful out there guys. This stuff will keep getting harder and harder and gamers will need to rise up if they want to make sure all of their in-game rights aren’t taken away. Go out there and have some fun playing, as always.