Codemasters Release F1 2019 – The Official 2019 Formula One Videogame Injects Realism To Graphics And Gameplay

Codemasters Release F1 2019 – The Official 2019 Formula One Videogame Injects Realism To Graphics And Gameplay
Credit: F1 via Youtube

With around 13 races remaining in this year’s F1 season, the F1 2019 game is here. This is just two months into the season, unlike in the past when the racing game used to be launched at the end of the season. Developed by UK based Codemasters, F1 2019 is the 2019 FIA Formula One  World Championship official videogame. Ever since it was announced late in March, fans have been eager to get into the driving seat and battle it out for the top spot.

One of the best features this year’s edition brings on board is the F2 feeder series. Unlike the previous F1 which you start in the top series, you can now start your career from the bottom before climbing up the ranks to compete with the likes of Hamilton and Vettel. Play as any of the F2 2018 drivers and earn your way to the F1 championship.

Just like in the real Motorsports competition, players use the turbocharged V6 Dallara-built car. As usual, the F2 spec cars are quite hard to drive, and only the best drivers make it. The competition to the prestigious F1 championships pits players against two fictional rivals who react depending on the individual events of the race.

In career mode, Codemasters have successfully relived F1’s greatest rivalry of all time. The Legends Edition will feature an exclusive race between Ayrton Senna in his McLaren MP4/5B vs. Alain Prost in his trademark Ferrari F1-90. Driving these classic cars might be one hell of a problem if you’re used to the modern racing cars. But that shouldn’t be a concern as long as the 2019 edition gets its historical gameplay as the fans wished.

One trend the developers are perfecting is injecting realism into the games. This is through stunning graphics that look like they were lifted from the real world. No one expected this year’s edition to improve much on the graphics considering the next-gen consoles are not available. But Codemasters went ahead and delivered a realistic F1 game. Drivers can vividly see tire wear while light responds to the livery. Details are not only on track and the tire Sheens but also on the surrounding.

Driver transfers are now possible in this year’s F1 game. This was a long-awaited addition which that fans themselves had requested for quite some time. It’s really exciting to see the heavyweights like Hamilton switching to Ferrari from the Mercedes Team and Ferrari’s Vettel crossing borders to Renault in between seasons.

2019 F1 was officially released on 28th June while the Legend’s Edition was released three days earlier. For now, the Birmingham based Motorsports franchise, Codemasters have released the game for PS4, Xbox and PC.