Code Vein Brings Power And Destruction In A Beautifully Dark World To Xbox, PlayStation 4, And Steam

Code Vein Brings Power And Destruction In A Beautifully Dark World To Xbox, PlayStation 4, And Steam
Credit: Bandai Namco

Code Vein has gathered a lot of attention recently as it has become available for digital pre-order on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Steam. The game is a part of Project Vein from Bandai Naco Studios and is set in a dystopian post-apocalyptic open world. What is attracting fans is not that but rather the Dark Souls inspiration that is present and the anime vibe that many are getting from it.

The game was initially announced in April of 2017 and was set to release last year in September. The game was officially delayed however and was rescheduled for September 27th of 2019. As we roll closer into the second half of the year, this beautifully styled game comes back to the forefront of fans minds.

Code Vein is a journey into a ravaged and lifeless world as a Revenant, a survivor of the disaster that put the world in its state. You have no memories of your past but have gained powerful Gifts and a never-ending thirst for blood. As you battle through various demon encounters, you use your unique Blood Veils to drain your enemies and feed your hunger. This will enhance your abilities and more importantly allow you to retain your humanity.

Pre-ordering will come with additional items to prepare you for the adventure ahead. If you purchase a standard or deluxe edition of the game you will receive the Blood Veil Orge: Venous Claw, Reserved Bloodkin Set, and GE Weapon Collaborations all as free items.

The GE Weapon Collaboration is a pack of three epic weapons from the God Eater series. The pack contains the Blanched Greatsword, Crimson Longsword, and Cerulean Spear for your use in the upcoming slaughter. The weapons look amazing and are perfect in-game replicas of the items from God Eater.

The Reserved Bloodkin Set will include the Blood Code: Harbinger. This is three variations of the Harbinger Shining Hair for additional character customization options and two communication stamps for players to use during co-op gameplay.

The game itself is a story-driven connected dungeon experience that functions on an open-world map. Players will find a cast of AI characters with their unique plots and fighting styles to aid you in your travels. The game is playable online in a Co-Op mode allowing you to bring your friends along for quests.

The character is fully customizable from appearance to playstyle, allowing you to choose from a dozen unique Gifts that will increase your strength, weaken your enemies, or cast powerful attacks. As you travel, you will master dodge, parry, and combo attacks as you take on boss after challenging boss.

This game takes lessons from the Dark Souls series and will be a challenge for any player hoping to face against the hordes of the Lost.