Code-Name Ragtag Game Developer Amy Hennig Reacts To Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Code-Name Ragtag Game Developer Amy Hennig Reacts To Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

It was almost two years ago when EA closed Visceral Games. Back then, Amy Hennig has created the game called Uncharted code-named Ragtag.

Uncharted was supposedly a single-player game inspired by the Star Wars franchise. But it the summer of 2017, Hennig said EA decided to cancel Ragtag. She added that they only knew about the decision in October.

In an article published by Eurogamer, Hennig shared her thoughts on the new Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order game. The latest game will be released on November 15.

Hennig did not deny that the new game had similarities with the Uncharted games if it was pushed through. She said it would have provided options for players to switch between their chosen protagonists. Hennig said Ragtag would have taken the course of “Star Wars DNA” in terms of having multiple protagonists.

She added that they felt disappointment when Ragtag didn’t push through. She described the game as something “really cool and pretty compelling.”

Hennig also reacted to the tweet of EA Star Wars last Friday, April 12. She candidly exclaimed that the statement of EA was “odd.” She said that single-player story apparently appears to be part of the plan. It is, she said since the statement came from the official account of the EA Star Wars team.

Based on that tweet, EA revealed that the upcoming game won’t have loot boxes and “microtransactions.” It also added that the game comes in a single-player story.

The tweet followed a previous tweet with the words: Accept the past. Of course, it gives a sneak peek for the Jedi’s story. But it could also well apply to some of the previous decisions like snubbing in single player games. It was the opposite of the message sent out when Ragtag was shut down.

It came as something which says that single-player games will not make as much profit as multiplayer games. Now here comes the lonesome Jedi game from Respawn Entertainment.

Hennig then commented that the gaming industry undergoes a lot of change “all the time.” She shared her past experience when she was still with EA. She said that they went “back and forth” to what the company wanted. She said everybody was finding out what path to take.

However, Hennig admitted that she is clueless about why there was a “change of heart” now. She said the decision is probably aimed at showing EA’s change of strategy.