Chapter One Of Three Of Rain Of Reflections Is Being Released For Steam In 2019

Chapter One Of Three Of Rain Of Reflections Is Being Released For Steam In 2019
Credit: Lionbite Games via YouTube

A new game that takes place in a cyberpunk style dystopian world is being released in 2019. Developed and published by Lionbite Games is the first chapter of the three-part series of Rain of Reflections. Rain of Reflections plays out as a you-choose game that takes place in a world that has fallen into a state of chaos. Every choice and action the player takes in the game will have consequences and will play into the overall storyline and how the game continues.

The first chapter of Rain of Reflections is titled “Set Free” and introduces players to a scientist character by the name of Wilona. Wilona is a scientist who has taken on the task of looking for a cure or some type of solution to the problem that the world is currently facing, which is that the world has become infertile.

The scientist, however, has decided to release her test subject, which is the last known human to have ever been born. Upon releasing the child, Wilona discovers that there are powerful people that do not approve of that.

The teaser trailer for Rain of Reflections starts out in Wilona’s apartment and shows another character who locks Wilona inside of her own apartment to await the arrival of an escort. The game itself features a multitude of different environments from the middles class to extravagant upper-class areas as well as areas that are heavily poverty-ridden. As the game goes on, every choice that the player makes will influence what happens next.

Rain of Reflections will feature three separate chapters overall. The first chapter is Wilona’s chapter and is titled “Set Free”. The two chapters that follow will each feature a new character and a new storyline perspective of the world in Rain of Reflections.

The second chapter is titled “Open Eye” and focuses on a private investigator in a city district called The Cluster. Chapter three of Rain of Reflections is called “Undercurrent” and follows the leader of an in-game resistance group located in a place called The Root.

Rain of Reflections will be available for Steam, and for those who are interested in more details on the game as well as the following chapters, there is the ability to sign up for a newsletter on the Rain of Reflections website. The official release date for the game is still to be determined but expect to see Rain of Reflections in 2019.