CD Projekt Red Will Show Live Gameplay Demos For Cyberpunk 2077 At Gamescom 2019

CD Projekt Red Will Show Live Gameplay Demos For Cyberpunk 2077 At Gamescom 2019
Credit: CD Projekt Red via YouTube

In recent weeks, developer CD Projekt Red has been revealing a ton of information about their upcoming release, Cyberpunk 2077, which is set to hit PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in the spring of 2020.

This year’s Gamescom event is set to take place from August 20 to August 24, and according to a recent press release, CD Projekt Red will be bringing Cyberpunk 2077 to the event, and not via a new story trailer. It was confirmed via the press release that CDPR will show live gameplay demos during the four-day-long event, although the amount of gameplay that they’re planning on showing hasn’t been revealed.

During June’s E3 showcase, CD Projekt Red reportedly held a behind-closed-doors gameplay demo for Cyberpunk 2077, so it’s likely that the live demo at Gamescom will be the same one they showed to select members of the media during last month’s convention.

However, while they’re planning on showing some gameplay to the public, they’re still going to hold a behind-closed-doors demo for the media during the first two days of Gamescom 2019. So, there should be plenty of news related to Cyberpunk 2077 coming out of the event.

It was also recently confirmed by CD Projekt Red that the behind-closed-doors footage that was shown during E3 week will be released publicly during the PAX West event, which takes place from August 30 to September 2. So, that might be a hint that they’re going to show something completely different during next month’s Gamescom event.

One of the more controversial aspects of Cyberpunk 2077 was recently revealed, which is the fact that real-life religions will be included in the game. Of course, as of right now, there hasn’t been any information about how religion is treated, nor has there been any information about which religions will be prominent.

Also, it’s unclear if players will have the option to choose a religious background for their character, or if they’ll be able to join any religious factions during the single-player story. The developers have talked about wanting to give players the ability to create the most accurate representation of themselves in Cyberpunk 2077, so if that’s their goal, then choosing a religion should be an option in the game.

With all the news that has come out recently regarding Cyberpunk 2077, you’d think that eventually there’s going to be nothing left to talk about. However, CD Projekt Red keeps coming out with new details about the game’s story and gameplay, which has fans anticipating a pretty in-depth and dense experience when the game becomes available in April of next year.