CBE Software Announces Release Date For Psychological Horror Title Someday You’ll Return

CBE Software Announces Release Date For Psychological Horror Title Someday You’ll Return
Credit: Someday You'll Return via Steam

CBE Software has announced the official release date of their upcoming psychological horror game Someday You’ll Return. The game was developed by the same team that created J.U.L.I.A.: Among the Stars.

The single-player indie title for mature audiences has won several awards and nominations ahead of its official release.

The game is a psychological horror game made using the Unreal Engine 4. Someday You’ll Return stars a father looking for his runaway daughter. While Daniel is on the search for Stela, he’ll have to survive in the forests while also overcoming his fears.

The Steam store description states: “Your character is Daniel, Stela’s father, who is forced by events to return to a place, he swore never to return. In the forest he will encounter peculiar people who will help him understand the true reason why Stela keeps running away. Someday You’ll Return deals with intimate concepts of fatherhood, fears, lies and refusal to accept one’s past. While the story contains strong horror elements it’s not always the most obvious monsters which are the most frightening.”

Someday You’ll Return takes inspiration from the Silent Hill series, Resident Evil 7, and The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, but strives to be more story-driven with added interactivity.

The game also incorporates workbench crafting, collecting herbs for medicinal use, decision making, and stealth. All of these elements together will craft the ending.

Currently, only a release on PC through Steam and GOG has been confirmed. The developer is planning on releasing it on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in the future. There is no information on if Someday You’ll Return will be released on the Nintendo Switch.

Currently, only a digital download will be released with no plans for a physical release. This may change as the game is released on consoles. Many indie titles have seen limited edition physical releases after their console debut.

So far, there have been three trailers. A game reveal trailer, the “Remembrance” trailer, and the official release date trailer.

Someday You’ll Return will launch in three languages: English interface, audio, and subtitles. Only English audio is available, but the interface and subtitles will be available in German and Czech.

Someday You’ll Return launches on PC via Steam and GoG on April 14, 2020.