Caustic Reality’s Infliction: Extended Cut Launches On Nintendo Switch This July

Caustic Reality’s Infliction: Extended Cut Launches On Nintendo Switch This July
Credit: Infliction via Nintendo

Publisher Blowfish Studios and developer Caustic Reality have announced the upcoming release of Infliction: Extended Cut on the Nintendo Switch. While the original game has been out for more than a year, the extended version will include additional content.

The game is an interactive nightmare for one player set in a once-happy home. Players have to survivor countless dangerous encounters to learn about what happened in the past.

The house has been drowned in tragedy and is now filled with heartbreaking secrets. The story is told through hidden messages within artwork, photos, household objects, and other day-to-day life experiences.

However, an entity stands in the player’s way. The protagonist, a tormented father, has to hide under tables and beds to avoid the spirit. They can also use various light sources like camera flashes to stun the entity and get away until their next encounter.

Infliction: Extended Cut is a story-driven game in the survival horror genre. The dark atmosphere is meant to make players feel uncomfortable and on edge as they seek to uncover the truth behind the house.

The extended version of the game builds upon the original PC release. Players who have already played the game shouldn’t dismiss the extended cut, which offers a new experience.

Within the new version are additional content and more endings. The game has also added a New Game Plus mode. Scares have been remixed, new puzzles added, increased difficulty modes, and more is in store. Players will have to complete the game at least once to access the new mode.

Infliction: Extended Cut is available to pre-purchase now on the Nintendo Switch Store. The game is available as a digital download for 3.2 GB and will support English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese language options. There’s no word on if a physical release is planned.

According to the founder of Caustic Reality and mission designer at Blowfish Studios, Clinton McCleary, Infliction was a way for the creator to express his fears and anxieties. He states he’s looking forward to the release of Infliction on Nintendo Switch, which will be a mobile way for horror fans on-the-go.

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Infliction: Extended Cut is scheduled to launch for the Nintendo Switch on July 2.