Call Of Duty: Warzone Cheating Is Still Pretty Bad, But Infinity Ward Plans On Putting Cheaters Together In Latest Strategy

Call Of Duty: Warzone Cheating Is Still Pretty Bad, But Infinity Ward Plans On Putting Cheaters Together In Latest Strategy
Credit: IGN via YouTube

Call of Duty: Warzone has been a huge hit with the battle royale community. It gets so many things right like its user-friendly gameplay and hardcore, adrenaline-pumping action. Given that Warzone has risen in popularity over the months, more and more players have started to cheat.

It got so bad to the point where Infinity Ward had to ban over 70,000 players recently. The cheating — unfortunately — is still going on. It’s particularly bad for console players trying to cross-play with PC players. You see, having a keyboard and mouse opens up the cheating floodgates in so many more ways.

Console players in Warzone are becoming fed up, so much so that a lot of users are simply not enabling cross-play. That’s unfortunate because it’s definitely one of the shining aspects of this battle royale game. Fortunately, Infinity Ward seems to have a new solution.

Rather than just banning gamers for cheating tactics, such as using aim bots, Infinity Ward is planning to enact a new policy. They are going to start putting cheaters together. It seems like a perfectly brilliant strategy in theory. Players resorting to cheap tactics will find themselves at odds with players using similar tactics. It’s like fighting fire with fire.

You can just imagine how frustrating these matches will be for players trying to cheat the system. Maybe they’ll see the error in their ways and get back on the righteous gaming path. That’s what Infinity Ward is hoping for anywhere until they can figure out other solutions.

Warzone really is an incredible battle royale experience and the developer wants these great experiences to continue for their loyal community. Of course, Infinity Ward could just ban these cheaters forever, but this more creative approach seems like it could really work.

It has been used in a lot of other games in the past and with positive results for the most part. Gamers who like to enjoy non-cheating matches may be in luck. They’ll be matched with players on the up and up regardless of console or PC. That would be huge for Warzone as a whole and definitely improve gameplay for everyone.

There also will be a lot of humor coming out of matches where cheating runs rampant. These players will still be able to enjoy the game and know their tactics are being used by everyone else in the match. It’s a promising strategy. Now let’s see if it can really work.