Borderlands 3’s Mayhem 2.0 Mode Comes Out April 23; Gearbox Has Described It In Greater Detail

Borderlands 3’s Mayhem 2.0 Mode Comes Out April 23; Gearbox Has Described It In Greater Detail
Credit: Gamer's Little Playground via YouTube

Borderlands 3 has been a huge hit for Gearbox Software. It’s definitely one of the better installments to date, featuring amazing vault hunters, non-stop looting action, and compelling baddies. Like other Borderlands games, this latest installment keeps receiving updates as well.

Thus, Borderlands fans always have something new and exciting to look forward to. The next content update is the introduction of Mayhem 2.0. You might remember the original Mayhem mode, which you’re able to access by beating the base game. It has been a very popular mode for gamers who want an added layer of difficulty for the chance of earning greater rewards.

Well, it looks like the developer is upgrading the mode to 2.0. It’s expected to release on April 23, which is just a couple of days away. So what is this mode and how will it be different from the original? Fortunately, we don’t have to wait until its release as Gearbox has provided more details for interested Borderlands players.

According to patch notes, Mayhem 2.0 is upping the difficulty by a lot. There will be 25 new modifiers, with each one being categorized by difficulty. The easy modifiers are great and will definitely help your vault hunter in battle. However, as you start moving into the medium, hard, and very hard modifiers, you’re pretty much paddling upstream without a paddle.

For example, some of the new modifiers will give your enemies the upper hand. It may be by providing them with other companions or more powerful weapons. You’ll thus have to be very careful with how you approach battles depending on which modifier you elect to enable. Gearbox hasn’t left you completely helpless, fortunately.

There will be better weapon drops for the more difficult modifiers. That should even the playing field a little bit. Even still, you can imagine just how difficult some of the modifiers will make combat. If you fancy yourself an advanced Borderlands player, Mayhem 2.0 seems like just the mode for you. There will be great risk, but with greater risk comes greater reward. It will be interesting to see which players attempt to put their skills to the test in these more challenging battles.

This latest mode is just another reason why Borderlands 3 continues to do well in terms of player activity and sales figures. It’s constantly receiving new content that changes gameplay in some fashion. Even better, it doesn’t seem like Gearbox will be stopping any time soon.