Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Season Two Received An Official Trailer Showing What’s In Store

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Season Two Received An Official Trailer Showing What’s In Store
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has been one of the most successful installments in the series. That’s incredible when you think about how long this franchise has existed. Time and time again, the developers find a way to innovative mechanics and improve graphics for amazing first-person shooter experiences.

We’re now approaching Season 2 of this highly successful FPS. It releases tomorrow, February 11th. To celebrate its official launch, a new trailer was just put out. It basically is a cinematic sequence of all the new changes being introduced. That includes new weapons, legendary maps, and different modes. Activision has also provided fans with a more detailed breakdown of the improvements and changes on their games blog.

Let’s first start with the maps. First on the list is Rust. It’s a classic map that has become a staple for this series and certainly a fan-favorite. That probably has something to do with its size. It’s pretty small, which brings opponents together really quick. Instead of being able to sit back and assess the situation, you’re thrust into enemy areas where you’ll have to be quick on the trigger.

Next up is the Atlas Superstore. It’s completely new and coming to multiplayer. The warehouse design instantly gives it a unique aesthetic that fans haven’t yet experienced in this installment yet. There are a wide variety of structures you’ll be able to use as a defense, including shelving units, boxes, and shipping equipment. It will definitely be surreal battling against others inside a warehouse.

The next map is much larger and coming to Ground War. Called Zhokov Boneyard, this map is filled with aircrafts and parts. There seems to be plenty of cover opportunities judging by the early visuals.

Now let’s shift our attention to some new and returning modes. We have to talk about Infected Ground War. You and a group of survivors will have the pleasure of facing off with an Infected horde. If you can survive until time expires, you win.

Those who end up on the Infected side have all sorts of abilities that will give them an advantage. For example, they’ll be faster and more nimble. It won’t be available on day one of launch, but according to patch notes, it will launching mid-season.

What will be available on launch day is Gunfight Tournaments. They feature single elimination of teams of two, who will go head to head for a chance to earn some rewards. If you want to check out more details on Season 2, you can head on over to the game’s official page courteousy of Activision.