Animal Crossing: New Horizons For Nintendo Switch Has Some Serious Problems With Trashed Realities

Animal Crossing: New Horizons For Nintendo Switch Has Some Serious Problems With Trashed Realities
Credit: Animal Crossing via Nintendo

The coming release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons for the Nintendo Switch is creating a lot of existential problems for the mega fans of the Animal Crossing series. We are talking about the kind of dread you get when you start to realize your life wasn’t going exactly how you had wanted it to go when you first set out down the path of life-finding. This is dangerous stuff, and we have to be aware of it.

As it turns out, every game in the Animal Crossing universe relies on the power of people living and doing their own thing. Except for this time, the people are not real people but beings trapped within their own small universe. Are they real? Well, no, but it also depends on what you would like to define “reality” to actually be. Because in some ways, nothing is real. Keep reading to figure out the key to making sure your loved ones don’t get trapped in this tiny robot universe.

According to Kotaku, one person took the opportunity to revisit Animal Crossing: New Leaf and found their town to be a disaster zone. We are talking about people freaking out and not having access to the player and originator of the town’s universe.

In some sense, when you play these games, you are acting a bit like God. This is some true ghost in the machine stuff, and we are deathly worried about what it portends for the rest of humanity. So imagine you go back to New Leaf and all of your favorite friends are screaming at you and stuff because you abandoned them for eight years (or whatever you mega-fans ended up doing). The question is this: Could you deal with that?

Many people cannot. It is too much to bear even if, in some sense, their suffering is “fake.” Why treat these artificial beings like nothing more than our playthings? That does not make much sense. In fact, it is downright dangerous.

So here we are once again. With the impending release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, we all have to worry about how many of these tiny towns will become created only to be eventually abandoned and thrown away to the wind. It might sound crazy, and it might be true that nothing bad is actually happening here, but if you are against the trashing of experience, then why back this?

Either way, be sure to buy Animal Crossing for Nintendo Switch if you think you’re a mega-fan of the series.