Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Receives Huge Playlist Update

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Receives Huge Playlist Update
Credit: Activision

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare gamers have Tuesdays circled on their calendars, as every week the developer Infinity Ward releases a playlist update. Today was no different as the developer has dropped a bunch of new game modes.

Infinity Ward tweeted earlier this morning with a list of all the new game modes for Modern Warfare:

Typically there aren’t this many new game modes for players to enjoy, so this is an exciting week for Modern Warfare players. Shoot the Ship Hardcore, Shoot House 24/7, and Shipment 24/7 have all been covered in another post, so if gamers are interested, click here to read more about them.

Face Off Grind is a limited-time mode that forces players to be more aggressive than they typically may be. This mode pits pairs of two against each other, and the objective is to kill the enemy players, pick up their dog tags, and drop them into one of the circled locations on the map.

Players will only score when they pick up the dog tags and drop them into the objective, so this is a solid mix of Kill Confirmed and Hardpoint. To find Face Off Grind, head to the Multiplayer lobby, and it will be one of the available game modes on the main list.

Hardcore 10 vs. 10 Mosh Pit is available now as well. To get to it, click “Filter,” switch to the “Hardcore” list, and at the bottom it should say “HC 10V10 Mosh Pit.” Modern Warfare gamers are no stranger to Mosh Pit game modes. When players queue into a mosh pit, they are placed into a match with a random game mode.

For Hardcore 10 vs. 10 Mosh Pit, players will be able to enjoy Team Deathmatch, Domination, Kill Confirmed, and Headquarters. Hardcore is a more intense mode for gamers. For example, their HUD is limited, their health regeneration is much lower than in regular matches, and there are more easily killed.

Gamers can exclusively play 10 Vs. 10 Mosh Pit by deselecting all the other Hardcore modes within the Quick Play Filter. It’s unconfirmed at the time if this game mode is only around for a limited time, or if it will become a mainstay. If it is a limited-time mode, then players can expect for it to be taken out of Modern Warfare within the next week or two.