Brand New Trailer For Final Fantasy VII Remake Airs During Game Awards, Showcases Character Interactions

Brand New Trailer For Final Fantasy VII Remake Airs During Game Awards, Showcases Character Interactions
Credit: PlayStation Via YouTube

With just a few short months left before its long-awaited release, Final Fantasy VII Remake made a splash at the The Game Awards, unveiling an all-new trailer.

The full trailer for this return to the iconic world of Final Fantasy VII clocked in at just a minute and a half, making it one of the shortest looks at the game we’ve seen up to now. To compare, the trailer that aired at the Tokyo Game Show was nearly three minutes long, while the trailer from E3 2019 clocked in at more than four minutes.

It featured very little in terms of gameplay. There were a few shots of Cloud in battle, using his cross-slash limit break technique, but the bulk of the trailer was very story and character-focused. We got to see a lot of character moments, which should excite fans of the original 1997 release.

We got to see the temper of Barret as he chastised Cloud for seeming to not care at all about the planet. We got to see Jessie show that she is impressed with Cloud’s considerable skills. We also saw Wedge, who in the original game desperately wanted to befriend Cloud, trying to see some good in his seemingly self-serving actions.

Aerith’s character shone in the beginning of this trailer. Cloud stoically warns her that he’s involved in dangerous affairs and that she should stay away from him. As is typical of the plucky flower girl from the slums, she smiles and places a flower on Cloud’s chest.

There was also a great scene showcased between Cloud and Tifa. The way Cloud speaks to Tifa in the trailer is very different from the way he interacts with the other characters. There’s a sense of familiarity in his words, and a warmth that’s absence from his usual stoic demeanor. Tifa clearly echoes these sentiments and delivers her lines in a hopeful and almost anxious manner.

This should come as no shock to the longtime fans of Final Fantasy VII. Cloud and Tifa are childhood friends, having grown up together in a small town called Nibelheim. The voice actors bring this dynamic to life in a way that, until now, players were only able to read in text boxes. All voiced interactions between the characters of Final Fantasy VII occurred in sequel or prequel settings, or in other games like the Kingdom Hearts series.

This is the first time players are getting to hear their favorite characters speak to one another within the confines of the original beloved story.

Final Fantasy VII Remake releases worldwide on PlayStation 4, on March 3, 2020.