Blizzard’s California Campus Celebrates National Take Your Dog To Work Day With Enthusiasm And Treats

Blizzard’s California Campus Celebrates National Take Your Dog To Work Day With Enthusiasm And Treats
Credit: Wonder World via YouTube

In the year 2019 employees have come to expect more from their employers. The day where hard-working members of the workforce dealing with conditions that didn’t contribute to their overall happiness are almost completely over.

Many companies have had to make changes to adapt to this new work-life culture. However, some companies haven’t needed to overcome anything as they already built a company culture thriving upon happy and appreciated employees.

Blizzard is one of those companies that is known for creating a happy and healthy work environment that their employees love and really have the ability to thrive in. In fact, the last few years and this year included Blizzard has taken part in the National Take Your Dog To Work Day.

Actually, the Blizzard campus not only participated in the holiday, but they also made an entire event out of the day. A team at Blizzard made sure that they would be honoring these four-legged companions.

A whole entire fair was thrown on the Blizzard campus in celebration of the loyal pups of Blizzard. The fair was created to be a place where Blizzard employees and k-9 companions were able to have a blast and enjoy themselves all throughout this doggy day. Blizzard is already a known dog-friendly campus and plenty of employees bring their fluffy friends to work with them already.

In fact, a lot of workplaces are adopting the pet-friendly policy and now more than ever more dogs are getting the ability to accompany their owners to the office rather than being stuck at home missing their human friends.

The grand doggy event on the Blizzard campus was completely catered to our four-legged friends. Included were some sweet treats for dogs to enjoy, such as Starbucks Puppuccinos, which are really just little cups of dog-friendly whip cream that appear to be irresistible to dogs.

Owners and dogs were also able to choose a World of Warcraft faction to join, and dogs could receive either an Alliance or a Horde ID tag to sport throughout the event and after.

Blizzard even took their beloved staff of furry friend’s health into consideration by having an onsite veterinarian available to answer any generic pet health questions that dog owners may have. It’s probably safe to say that National Take Your Dog To Work Day is definitely a day that the dogs whose owners work for Blizzard can look forward to enjoying every year.