Blizzard Will No Longer Release Major Expansions For Heroes Of The Storm

Blizzard Will No Longer Release Major Expansions For Heroes Of The Storm

The Blizzard Entertainment team has announced the end of active support for their MOBA project, Heroes of the Storm.

The relevant information was published on the studio’s official blog on the occasion of the 7th anniversary of the popular shareware game.

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As explained by Blizzard, the game will continue to function as usual and will maintain the usual seasonal sequence and character rotation.

However, there will be no more new heroes and other additional content added to Heroes of the Storm. Subsequent updates will be aimed at technical improvement of the game, work with optimizing the client for new hardware and OS, as well as point balance changes.

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Recall that according to an absolutely identical scenario in 2020, Blizzard Entertainment specialists announced the termination of active support for the cult strategy StarCraft 2.

In a previous post, Blizzard Entertainment’s famous strategy, StarCraft 2, is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year – Wings of Liberty was released in the summer of 2010.

In honor of the celebration, the developers have released a large-scale patch for the project, which brings a lot of changes and improvements to the gameplay and its balance.

And today, Blizzard made another important note regarding the future of the game beloved by millions – starting this year, active support for StarCraft 2 will cease, and development will no longer receive any major updates or expansions.

The same applies to the issue of representation of StarCraft 2 on the eSports scene – now, these moments will mainly be decided by the ESL Gaming and GSL organizations, previously responsible for holding all kinds of tournaments and competitions.

The Blizzard team understands that such a decision may upset some hardcore fans but notes that now is the time to switch to other things, including the opportunity to think carefully about what the future holds for StarCraft.