Blizzard Teases More Information On Druid Class For Upcoming Diablo IV

Blizzard Teases More Information On Druid Class For Upcoming Diablo IV
Credit: Diablo via YouTube

Diablo IV is well on its way after being confirmed by a beautiful cinematic revealed at BlizzCon early this November. Now, Blizzard is beginning to drip more and more information down to their fans.

One of the most popular classes in Diablo history is the Druid from Diablo II’s expansion, Lord of Destruction. This incredibly powerful shapeshifter provided a number of different playstyles. Depending on the talents you took, the Druid could be a complementary support class for your companions, a pet-based adventurer summoning a number of different beings from nature, or a shapeshifting juggernaut taking the form of multiple different animals. Overall, the Druid had arguably the best utility in the game due to the wide variety of different playstyles available.

Viewers got a beautiful look at the gameplay of the game as well during a gameplay trailer, providing glimpses at numerous different aspects of the game. Among these was the return of the Druid, who is seen casting abilities not dissimilar to those that they wielded in Diablo II.

We can’t say anything too specific about what powers the Druid will wield, as we haven’t seen any more than those gameplay glimpses. Still, off of the tweet above, it seems confirmed that they’ll be returning in the same form that we saw them last. Manipulating the powers of the earth, wind, and storm to unleash devastating magic against those that threaten Sanctuary, the Druid can also embody animals with different abilities to suit any situation.

It’s unknown how similar this Druid will be to the Diablo II Druid just from a lore perspective, however. The Diablo II Druid hailed from Scosglen, a home heavily based on the Celtic culture that the real-life Druids were from. No lore has been released for this Druid, and it’s incredibly unlikely that it’s the same Druid. We’ll just have to wait and see how heavily related this iteration of the beloved class is.

There’s much more to come out about Diablo IV, and a release date is still very, very far off. It’s likely that we won’t see the game until 2021, and even that might be gracious. What we’re seeing now is some of the earliest progress. That means that anything we see now is also far from set in stone, so take everything with a grain of salt.

Until we get that beloved release date, we’ll just have to satisfy ourselves with the information that Blizzard is leaking. With the Druid being only one of three confirmed classes as of now, plenty more is on the way.