In Fortnite’s Fishing Frenzy, Winning A Virtual Fish Can Net You A Physical Trophy

In Fortnite’s Fishing Frenzy, Winning A Virtual Fish Can Net You A Physical Trophy
Credit: Epic Games

When you think about Fortnite, what comes to mind? Silly dances? Check. Constant crossovers? Yup. Lots of colorful, vibrant skins? You know it. Fishing? Affirmative. Wait, really?

The Fortnite Fishing Frenzy Contest is very real and begins this Friday, giving players the chance to see if their shooting skills transfer to rod and reel skills. Sure, you can shoot, but can you cast?

The really cool thing about the contest? You can win physical, real-world trophies. Yes, trophies that you can actually hold in your hands. assuming you’re willing to put the controller down. Four players in each server region (North American servers are combined for this contest) will win an engraved Llama trophy for the best score in four unique categories.

The Top Angler prize will go to the player that catches the most fish in a single match. The Small Fry Champion will be the player who catches the most Small Fry during the competition. The Flopper Champion is whoever catches the most, you got it, Floppers during the competition. Then there’s the Slurpfish Champion, by far the funniest named fish, and that title goes to the player who catches the most Slurpfish during the competition.

As stated, the trophies will only go to the top-ranking player in each category per region, for a total of 24 trophies. Even if you don’t manage to win one, you can still snag a digital prize. Any player who catches the Mythic Goldfish will win a Bottom Dweller Pickaxe, and everyone who participates in the competition window will receive the Play to Win spray.

The competition starts at 8 AM ET on Friday, November 22 and ends at 8 PM ET the following Sunday, November 24. Participating is as simple as picking up a fishing rod and going at it. Keep in mind that you have to have 2FA enabled on your Epic account to be eligible to win prizes.

Lastly, for all of you who think you’ve found a little loophole: fish caught with the harpoon gun do not qualify for the challenges. Also, there is a limit of one prize per player when it comes to the Bottom Dweller Pickaxe prices and the engraved statues, so don’t think you’re going to hoard those Llama statues.

Depending on when this post goes up, the competition may have already started, so slap on your favorite skin, grab a rod, and get some slurpfish! You should catch other fish, too, but I just really like typing slurpfish.