Blizzard Extends World Of Warcraft Reputation Buff After Complications With New Ny’alotha System

Blizzard Extends World Of Warcraft Reputation Buff After Complications With New Ny’alotha System
Credit: World of Warcraft

Blizzard has been keeping a steady stream of updates going towards World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth, the current iteration of the titanic MMORPG. Recently, the developers implemented a few systems to make it easier to have multiple characters.

Once you hit maximum level in World of Warcraft, a grind kicks in to get everything you need to tackle the endgame content. It can take quite a while to get everything you need – an upgraded Ashjra’kamas cloak, the right essences, decent enough Azerite traits, and corruptions all go into your endgame grind.

This makes it so that having multiple characters at max level turns into an endless, rather monotonous grind. Hearing the feedback of the player base, Blizzard decided to address these issues.

Recently, we’ve discussed the new Echoes of Ny’alotha system, which helped make the Essences mechanic account-wide. Once players have unlocked the third rank of an essence on one character – generally a bit of a grind, depending on the essence – they can purchase it on another toon using the Echoes of Ny’alotha system.

Blizzard saw fit to extend the currency to be more than essences, though. Reworking the Echoes system, the developers brought in purchasable corruptions as well as a few other uses.

However, the rollout of this system seems to have been impacted a bit. Players expected to see them on the weekly reset (yesterday, to be specific) as this was when they were losing the Impressive Influence buff, a reputation-based buff that gave players double the reputation for factions.

Instead, the purchasable corruptions would appear in the store for some and not for others. Generally, they were unpurchasable, and the icons would be missing. There was a whole slew of issues, with players having a roulette of which they would find.

To deal with this, the developers are pushing the implementation of the system back a bit. However, they aren’t leaving players empty-handed.

In compensation, Blizzard has decided to extend the Impressive Influence buff a few days. Rather than ending on Tuesday as was planning, it’s been extended until Thursday. They haven’t given an exact time, simply saying it would expire “Thursday morning PDT.”

No players are upset with this extension, as much of the community was already calling to have it extended, much the same way as they did with the experience buff that has now been extended until the pre-release patch of the upcoming Shadowlands expansion. While Blizzard seems set on taking the reputation buff away regardless, the implementation of the new systems should help compensate adequately.