Bleeding Edge Brings A Four-on-Four Brawling Mayhem To E3, Killer Style And Big Action Shown At The Game’s Showcase

Bleeding Edge Brings A Four-on-Four Brawling Mayhem To E3, Killer Style And Big Action Shown At The Game’s Showcase
Credit: Ninja Theory

Ninja Theory is shaking the MOBA scene with their new competitive four-on-four battle game. Bleeding Edge was displayed at E3 this year and showed off its fast-moving combat and ridiculously huge attack effects that will bring fans coming back again and again.

Bleeding Edge looks like a colorful casual game that can be played without a deep commitment to any characters. The game relies on real communication between teammates, and a point tally system determines the winner. Points are earned from kills and control point possession, and the score tallies can shift quickly as the battle advances through the map.

Ten characters are divided between three major classes: heavy, support, and assassin. These characters each have multiple basic and passive abilities, three special attacks and an ultimate with minimal overlap between attacks. This selection has made a wide array of options viable and allows teams to build their strategy and style to approaching this game.

Each team spawns on opposite sides of the map with players riding hoverboards to cover long stretches of ground between spawn and control points. The hoverboard is available at any time but takes a few seconds to spawn, so using it as an instant escape is not a viable option. The control points don’t open all at the same time. One will go live and become a battleground while the others go online in a sequence.

Around the middle of the match, all points shut down at once forcing each team to reset its placement and enable a new scramble to control the first point to light up again. The games are all fast-moving matches that will require quick thinking and strategic planning for teams hoping to gain the edge.

The characters in Bleeding Edge are even more unique then found in similar team-based action games. The characters mix real-world inspirations with clever strategies creating unique feels for each playstyle. Maeve, the witch of the game, is inspired by Baba Yaga and uses tricks like trapping opponents in cages. Gizmo is a sneering redhead who builds explosives and places turrets.

Only a single map was available at E3, but many are now keeping an eye on this title as it rolls towards a full release. The game is set to be made public with a Technical Alpha open on June 27th, and a full release has not been confirmed as of yet.

The game will be available on Xbox One and PC for both its Alpha and full release.