Black Legend Has A New Gameplay Trailer Out Now That Highlights The Tactical Combat

Black Legend Has A New Gameplay Trailer Out Now That Highlights The Tactical Combat
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

A promising RPG set to release next year is Black Legend developed by Warcave. It’s a turn-based strategy game set in a dark universe. It’s apparent that the game is soaked in atmosphere as indicated by the heavy fog incorporated throughout the 17th century village.

A cult has captured the city and it will be up to you and some mercenaries to put a stop to their blood-thirsty ways. We’ve already seen a couple of trailers showing what direction the developer is taking Black Legend.

And now, we have another that focuses particularly on the turn-based tactical combat. That has looked like an intriguing aspect of this game already, featuring strategy, timing, and a wide variety of alchemy-based attacks.

As you explore the city looking for survivors of a town now in shambles, you’ll come into contact with enemies of the cult that reigns supreme. You’ll have to attack them wisely based on the elements shown in the trailer. Which resources you select, who you recruit, and what actions you take all dictate how successful you’ll be dealing with these hostile encounters.

There appears to be a wide variety of attacks you can use depending on how you want to approach combat. You can stand back and take down enemies from a distance using crossbows. Or, if you want to go in for the kill, you can use melee-based attacks for direct blows.

Warcave isn’t limiting you on the strategies that you can implement in battle, and that makes Black Legend a promising RPG to keep an eye on in 2021. The exact release date is still unknown, but as we get closer to the new year, expect to see more trailers highlighting different aspects.

From a gameplay standpoint, it seems like a competent turn-based game that will require you to keep your wits about you. Doing whatever you please in the moment will not be a recipe for success. Rather, you have to study your opponent’s moves and perhaps fail a couple of times to see the bigger picture.

Black Legend’s story also looks particularly intriguing, with the cult themes and unique 17th century lore. How did the city come to be the way it is and what does the cult have in store for the city you once knew and love? You’ll get to answer these questions when Black Legend officially launches on PC,  PS4 and PS5 later next year.