Black Desert Content Update Brings Ninjas Into Their Fantasy World, Time To Awaken Your Inner Ninja Abilities

Black Desert Content Update Brings Ninjas Into Their Fantasy World, Time To Awaken Your Inner Ninja Abilities
Credit: Pearl Abyss

The content update was available to anyone who owns a copy of Black Desert Online. This newest update brings the Ninja class into the game offering new skills, abilities, and powers to deliver devasting damage to your enemies. Although the new class is the main focus of the update, new world bosses and mighty weapon drops have been added to help aid in your adventure.

The first step to experiencing the new content is to reach level 56 and complete a series of quests that lead you to defeat enemies throughout the world. The quest will present you with several challenges and heated battles that must be overcome to earn the right to be a Ninja. The class will give you the ability to equip the Sura, which is a powerful katana that can slice through the mightiest of foes with ease.

Three colossal world bosses were introduced, giving a brand new challenge to any Ninjas interested in testing out their new abilities. Like any MMO, the class will have an immediate balance issue, so enjoy the power while you still have it.

Karanda is the first of the three world bosses and the leader of a group of harpies. The harpies fight to protect their nest from players and will fight to the death to do it. Defeating this harpy leader will allow you a chance to unlock the Dandelion weapon box which contains an awakening weapon.

Quint is the second, and he is a massive troll that can turn to stone. While in his stone form, he is invulnerable to damage and have protection from all attacks. Players must be swift and attack his legs to bring him down to the floor and deal real damage to this beast. Once he is knocked down, player attacks can inflict incredible damage showcasing the power of the new Ninja class.

Hiding in the depths of the Mansha forest is an ogre known as Muraka. This slow-moving monster has destroyed this once peaceful region. Even the most skilled players must be wary for his powerful attacks can fell entire armies in a single blow. Be warned dear adventurers if you challenge the ogre king for his strength is grand.

It should be noted that players need to hit level 61 and 62 to receive the newest equipment and items. This does include the Capotia accessories which are available as rings and earrings and will increase your attack damage.

Black Desert does require a purchase or can be played via the Xbox Game Pass. It is available on Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4 and costs only $9.99 to play.