Bite the Bullet Is A Metal Slug-Inspired RPG That Is Going To Be Launched On PC And Consoles In 2020

Bite the Bullet Is A Metal Slug-Inspired RPG That Is Going To Be Launched On PC And Consoles In 2020
Credit: Mega Cat Studios

Bite The Bullet is a pixel-art Metroidvania style game being created by Mega Cat Studios. The game is supposed to launch early in the year 2020 and is heavily inspired by the Metal Slug series. Rather than only shooting your enemies, you must devour your enemies and environmental objects to help powerup your character and weapons.

It is not a just shooter but rather more of a roguelike RPG shooter. You will find a variety of classes, over 60 levels, and lots of weapons and crafting for you to create the perfect character for your unique playstyle.

Other than just battling through hordes of enemies the official Steam page says you can also “Consume strange species to add new entries to DarwinCorp’s mysterious Compendium. Catalyze crafting fermentations in your belly by eating enemies! Explore three branching skill trees based on your diet – remember, you are what you eat!”

Your classes are all diet-based and must consume specific enemies to continue to powerup. You can eat practically everything, including enemies, walls, and bullets. As you continue to kill and devour everything in front of you, your character will slowly digest the items and craft them within your belly.

Be careful as you eat though as each enemy has special nutritional information and will change your body type depending on what you eat. As you gorge yourself through the 40 stages of shooting, eating, and platforming, you will learn that you have a powerful Zombro form. This form lets you smash through enemies and put them into bite-sized bits.

You play as Darwincorp’s most trusted mercenary Chewie or his female counterpart Chewella. The game has an exciting plotline and lots of sidequests, making it more than just a simple shooting and eating game. Each world will reward you with a hero bandana after its completion.

This game is a unique title in all parts, giving it a one of a kind experience to even the most dedicated gamers. The characters are fully customizable, giving you access to synergistic skill trees and weird abilities. Weapons can be gathered around the map, and each has a unique name that will leave you hungry for more.

Upon release, the game will be available on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam. There is currently no announced price for the game, but it is sure to be both affordable and worth the money. If your a fan of Metal Slug then Bite The Bullet is right up your alley.