Become One With Your Community In The Cute And Charming Garden Story

Become One With Your Community In The Cute And Charming Garden Story
Credit: Picogram

Never underestimate the power of a game whose sole mission is to get you to relax and unwind. Let’s face it, we all need those cooldown periods to get us refreshed and ready for the next hunt or platform scramble or anything else that’ll have us pulling our hair out and threatening to snap our controllers.

Garden Story is intent on doing exactly that.

Equal parts social simulator and RPG, players take on the role of Concord, a grape, the newly-appointed guardian of your quaint fruity village, shown in gorgeous pixel art. All the trappings of a standard social sim are there; neighbors in need of help and plenty of things that need doing around your locale.

But a mysterious phenomenon called the Rot is seeping its way into your paradise. It’ll be hard to fight back against it, but on this island, you’re never alone.

Besides combatting the Rot, there’s numerous things to do on your new island home. Help out your neighbors with their requests, earning their trust and friendship for each completed favor. Explore and cultivate the island, making it more and more yours with each crop, addition, and change.

Gather resources, care for fauna, and get upgrades for your home as you make it better and better.

You’re even able to curate a library, creating your island lore from the resources you deposit. In addition to that, the precious memories you forge with your neighbors are encoded in a scrapbook, icing you usable skills and traits.

But be ever mindful of the Rot, which threatens the lives of you and every soul on the island; solve puzzles, defend whatever the Rot throws at you with an array of weapons and gear, and unlock the hidden mysteries lying in wait about the island.

Thankfully, even with that looming threat, the game, for the most part, is slow-paced and allows players a great deal of freedom. Tend to your errands during the day or night, use your free time to explore, interact, or just otherwise enjoy the stunning, cutesy art style. The whole island is your oyster.

Garden Story is set for a spring 2020 release date on Steam.