Be Ready For An ‘Eerie, Dark Adventure’ With Blacksad: Under The Skin; Game Out On September 26

Be Ready For An ‘Eerie, Dark Adventure’ With Blacksad: Under The Skin; Game Out On September 26
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Fans of detective noir and cats can finally have these all with Blacksad: Under the Skin.

This September 26, a new video game will land on Steam. It boasts of a plot that is equally interesting with its main character, the detective housecat John Blacksad. It is based on a comic book series.

The main protagonist of the upcoming game title will show off what he is capable of, especially in solving a huge mystery.

The charismatic feline will be hired to look for various pieces of evidence behind the mysterious disappearance of a rising boxing star.

In Blacksad: Under the Skin, he will solve the case of Robert Yale, who is supposed to face a highly important challenge of his career. Yale is the biggest name in the boxing club of Joe Dunn. Thus, when he disappears, the latter’s daughter, Sonia, decides to take in Blacksad to solve the case. Apart from this, Dunn mysteriously dies as well.

Armed with his feline skills, he will dig into the case until he discovers the corrupt world of boxing.

Here are some of the most exciting Blacksad: Under the Skin details from Microids:

● The setting is recreated for it to be more appealing to the gamers
● The 1950s feel of the game is visible in every aspect
● Features at least 30 characters, both old and new
● Gives a picture of a dark world where anthropomorphic animals live
● The investigative-themed game involves several approaches. These include quick time events and puzzles as well as multiple-choice dialogue
● Will be available in different languages – English, French, Italian, Spanish and German

Blacksad: Under the Skin can be bought from PlayStation Store, Nintendo Switch eShop, and Microsoft Store, aside from Steam

In the meantime, Worth Playing shared information about the three main characters to look forward to.

John Blacksad

● A black cat private investigator
● Was born and raised in a poor neighborhood
● Has a not-so-good and not-so-happy childhood
● Spent his younger years, particularly his childhood, evading the police
● Uses an alias; introduces himself as John H. Blackmore at times, based on his fake IDs
● Unsuccessful when it comes to love and romantic relationships


● A brown weasel who has problems with his own odor
● The occasional sidekick of Blacksad
● Hates soap and water
● Works for What’s News as a muckraker


● Blacksad’s friend
● A police commissioner
● A dog, particularly a German Shepherd

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