Be A Bug Hunter In Rainbow Six Siege And Earn A Prize; ‘Bug Hunter’ Program, PC Exclusive?

Be A Bug Hunter In Rainbow Six Siege And Earn A Prize; ‘Bug Hunter’ Program, PC Exclusive?
Credit: Rainbow Six Siege - Ubisoft

Fans of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege has a new way to earn rewards. With the launch of the “Big Hunter” program, they are bound to enjoy prizes if they are hardworking enough.

The Ubisoft title was launched in December 2015. And until now, some players have still complained about bugs. They have revealed that their gameplay is sometimes disappointing because of this experience.

Amid this scenario, the developer has thought of creating something that will address this. Thus, the Rainbow Six Siege “Bug Hunter” program was finally introduced. This works with the help of its support portal for bugs, the R6fix.

It can be recalled that the site was introduced last year. This is a platform where players can report the bugs they have encountered.

Ubisoft admitted that at least 7,000 reports on bugs have already reached them since the platform’s launch.

Under the new rewards program, players need to report the issues they personally experience through the R6fix website. Nevertheless, they have to keep the following things in mind:

● When sending a report, make sure that it is in English
● There must be no duplication of reports. In short, the player who has reported the bug first will take the credit
● The players must be able to report at least three bugs in order to qualify for the rewards. These Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege reports must have been acknowledged, too.

To report a bug, gamers may access the step-by-step procedure here.

The program has been made available on the test server starting on Thursday, April 25.

It can be observed that the bugs are only available in the test server. This might mean that this new incentive program would only be applicable among PC users, PC Gamer surmised.

In an earlier report, the tech site shared how frustrating it is to play one of the 46 operators. Accordingly, Blitz of Rainbow Six Siege has been disappointing gamers continuously.

Ubisoft has been informed of this ever since. In fact, it has already adopted several moves to make the character “less frustrating.” However, it appears that it has never been successful in doing so.

Two years ago, the tactical shooter game’s Blitz received a huge tweak. The character’s movement speed was increased. In addition, his skills already included the ability to remain its shield even if he is running around.

This work still has not impressed the fans. Therefore, Ubisoft must look for more specific enhancements for Rainbow Six Siege operators.