Battlefield V’s Firestorm Has Amazing Visuals, But Needs Major Improvements In Certain Areas

Battlefield V’s Firestorm Has Amazing Visuals, But Needs Major Improvements In Certain Areas
Credit: Stefans02 via Flickr (license)

Battle royale modes have been the latest craze in the gaming sector as of late. It has spawned some gaming giants, including PUBG and of course, Fortnite. The appeal here is all-out chaos until only one player remains. Winning one of these matches is so difficult, yet so rewarding.

Many gamers weren’t surprised to learn that the makers of Battlefield V were interested in putting out their own version. Battlefield V’s Firestorm officially launched back in March. Those who already own a copy of the game don’t have to pay a thing.

So what have the initial impressions been since it has been out? They appear to be mixed. On one hand, the visuals of this mode are truly amazing. In fact, they’re probably the best visuals for any battle royale game that’s out right now. That’s saying a lot given what Apex Legends has been able to do for the genre.

The circle of fire is such a nice touch by the developers. The visuals of it engulfing objects as it gets smaller are amazing to see first-hand. It’s also a practical aspect of the game. It forces players to the middle of the stage, where close quarters combat can begin. If you’re not hyper-vigilant, you’ll quickly be picked off by the opposing team.

How does the mode play, though? Well, this is where we get into some of the negatives. The main issue many have with this battle royale mode is the looting aspect. When guns drop from an enemy that is recently killed, they have a tendency of piling up. This makes it nearly impossible to select a particular weapon you want.

As you’re trying to grab the right gun, you’re essentially leaving yourself exposed. That’s not to say all aspects of the weapons are bad. There is quite a bit of variety. You’ll find something to love, whether you’re a short-area player or prefer the long-range tactics.

In addition to having trouble picking up guns, you must reload them manually. This can waste precious time that you don’t always have, as enemies draw closer and closer. Swapping between different gadgets also isn’t user-friendly.

These details will need to be sorted out if Battlefield V’s Firestorm is to be a success long-term. The developers have something to really work with. They’ll just need to listen to the community and continue evolving as time goes on. If you haven’t had the chance to check this new mode out, it is worth your time. Just go in expecting a few issues from time to time.