Azure Flame Studio’s Banner of the Maid Heads To Consoles Later This Year

Azure Flame Studio’s Banner of the Maid Heads To Consoles Later This Year
Credit: CE Asia via YouTube

Publisher CE-Asia and developer Azure Flame Studio have announced their title Banner of the Maid will launch on consoles later this year. In 2018, the publisher announced plans to launch the game on PC, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. Now, the game is planned for an Xbox Release as well.

Banner of the Maid was first launched in China in May 2019 with a positive response. Additional releases in North America and Europe launched in February of this year.

Banner of the Maid is a turn-based strategy game mixed with JRPG elements. The game is set in an alternate French Revolution around the late 18 to early 19 century. The game contains mostly fantasy elements with an anime art style.

Players take control of Pauline Bonaparte, the sister of Napoleon. As the Revolution tears France apart, many factions are fighting against each other and trying to take control. Pauline is working to lead her troops to victory but also gain political wins to gain allies during this tense time.

Pauline Bonaparte is more than just an officer. She is also a Maid with the powers to turn the tide of battle. Pauline has a variety of troops under her control. They include the brave Infantry, powerful Artillery, speedy Calvary, and cunning Skirmishers. She has to learn their strengths and weaknesses to strategize to win in battle.

The game has more than 30 characters to meet, from politicians, generals, secret agents, and more. Several historical characters also appear in unique ways like Robespierre and Murat. These characters are commandable in battle as commanders. Before they join Pauline’s cause, they have to learn to trust her first.

Banner of the Maid is currently available only on PC in English plus Traditional and Simplified Chinese. Overall, the title has a Very Positive rating out of almost 200 reviews.

So far, there have been two DLC for Banner of the Maid released. The first was a free DLC called Miss Elisa’s Journal, while The Oriental Pirate launched for $4.99. It’s unknown if these DLC chapters will be bundled with the console release of the game.

Banner of the Maid will launch on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One later this year. The PC version via Steam is out now.