Apple Announces Gaming Service For iOS; Will Be Called Apple Arcade

Apple Announces Gaming Service For iOS; Will Be Called Apple Arcade
Credit: Matcuz via Pixabay

Apple has been a company that’s dominated the phone market for decades. They have so many products to be proud of, from the Macintosh computer to the first ever iPod. Their mobile marketplace for games is worth high praise as well.  Now, it appears they have their eyes set on the gaming service market.

In a recent press conference, they unveiled their iOS gaming service called Apple Arcade. So what exactly is this service and does it provide a good value to gamers? Let’s find out. Starting off, it’s worth mentioning that no price breakdown was provided. It appears Apple wants to build some buzz and gauge the market before they set a tangible price structure. You can’t really blame them.

The company did go on to say that the service would give subscribers access to new games, some of them even being exclusive titles. This exclusivity does warrant some excitement. It’s what many game companies pride themselves on today. If Apple is able to put out some fun and thrilling exclusive games via this service, it has the makings to do extremely well.

Apple Arcade is set to launch sometime in the fall. The creators are currently in the works of bringing on board some of today’s top companies. These include Konami, SEGA, Lego, Snowman, Bossa Studios, and Cartoon Network.

Also worth mentioning is Apple’s efforts to make this service family-friendly. They want to include a lot of parental controls, where parents have the ability to manage what their family members play. They also want to get rid of the ads. Could they give Nintendo — which has already prided itself on family-friendly experiences — a run for their money?

Time will tell. Apple Arcade already is showing a lot of promise. What’s really appealing is the ability to play all of these subscription-based games on multiple platforms. You can enjoy games in epic fashion on the television in the living room, or move your gaming to the bedroom right before bed.

Apple is giving gamers of this platform the ability to choose how they play. Smartphones and tablets today have always had so much gaming potential. Apple realizes this and is hoping its target audience does too.

As we get closer to fall, hopefully Apple puts out more details regarding this unique gaming service. This is particularly true regarding its costs. If they’re smart, they’ll make it cheaper than the other gaming services currently on the market.