Apex Legends Season 5 Is Delayed By A Week, End Of Season 4 Features Game-Changing Battle Armor Event

Apex Legends Season 5 Is Delayed By A Week, End Of Season 4 Features Game-Changing Battle Armor Event
Credit: BusinessWire

The fifth season of Apex Legends has been delayed by a week until May 12th. In an understandable turn of events, due to the ongoing Corona pandemic, the next Battle Pass and seasonal update are pushed back for another week and replaced with the Battle Armor Event during the first weeks of May.

This interesting event is Respawn’s first serious attempt at “altering core game mechanics”, as stated in the blog post on the official EA Play Apex website. The Battle Armor Event could be of game-changing importance. and here’s why.

Landing in Skull Town and finding 3 White shields, six shield cells and P2020 is a common occurrence for many players. On the other side of Skull Town, the team of stacked Predators has found two blue shields, a purple, and a Havoc with level 3 Stock. The imbalance in loot is the decider in the upcoming fight.

Many complained about the lack of loot available on King’s Canyon, and Respawn updated the loot pool to include more items in a recent patch. However, it is still common to come across less loot than you’d expect, especially when looting large areas such as Thunderdome, Airbase, and even across locations in World’s Edge.

The Battle Armor Event is the first step by Respawn to test the numbers of altering the loot pool. By giving everyone White armor, during the first part of the event, the armor is removed from the pool. This hopefully leaves more room for guns and other valuable loot. You will also drop with a P2020.

Over the course of the event, both Blue Armor and Purple Armor will take the spotlight, and you can expect some intense fights at the start of the game as everyone is trying to blast away Purple Armor with a P2020 off drop.

Lastly, and perhaps most interestingly, Evo Armor will be the only armor available in-game at the end of the event in the lead up to Season 5. This could be a game-changing game format. Every player starts with Evo Armor and has to level up the shield by dealing damage – there are no blue shields, purple shields, only Evo.

This could have a huge impact on loot imbalance, especially in the early game, and work well in both Competitive and Ranked. Forcing players to deal damage encourages early game fighting and could turn the camping snore-fest of ranked into a much more fast-paced experience.