Apex Legends Season 3 First Look – Crypto Confirmed As The New Legend, New Charge Rifle, And A Terrifying Gibraltar Skin

Apex Legends Season 3 First Look – Crypto Confirmed As The New Legend, New Charge Rifle, And A Terrifying Gibraltar Skin
Credit: Apex Legends via Youtube

From the GameStop conference in Nashville, there’s a first glimpse at upcoming content for Apex Legends Season 3. With the Season 2 solo and cosmetic event, “Iron Crown”, coming to an end, fans of the game are looking forward to what comes next for the hit BR game.

First up, Crypto. Hinted at by reddit links, to begin with, he was included in a lot of Season 2 teaser trailers. He’s the character responsible for the destruction of the repulsor tower which introduced fliers and leviathans to the battlefield of King’s Canyon.

So far, we don’t know much about Crypto. Fan speculation expects him to have some hacking abilities: being able to destroy Wattson traps immediately, disengage Caustic traps, and to alter Pathfinder’s circle-finding ability. Some fans have also suggested that he might be able to alter the conclusion of the next circle, but that seems like quite a wacky addition to intense ranked games.

The Charge Rifle. In Titanfall 2, the Charge Rifle is a combination of the Havoc and its Select Fire hop-up but boosted to the next level of damage. Fans are already speculating about whether the gun is a one-shot kill, depending on whether you have blue or purple armor. It’ll be interesting to see how the weapon is balanced in Apex Legends, and it’ll likely appear as another supply drop weapon,

Lastly, the glimpse of Gibraltar skin is actually pretty terrifying. First off, it doesn’t even look like Gibraltar. This purple-skinned demon looks sharper and more chiselled than our chunky-boy. The skin hints at an upcoming Halloween Event that will follow the release of Season 3.

Though these hints at what’s coming next for Apex, they do stress that it’ll likely be one legend and one weapon per season. This rate of content isn’t praised by everyone: a Battle Royale game that has an Overwatch-based character system but without regular changes required to keep it feeling fresh might stop the game in its track.

Respawn devs have reiterated that they want to focus on the balance of different legends so as not to disturb the game’s meta, and with their small changes to the Wingman and mild changes to Caustic and Gibraltar’s health in the past, it looks like they aren’t committed to wide-ranging changes to game mechanics.