Apex Legends Season 2 ‘Battle Charge’ Trailer

Apex Legends Season 2 ‘Battle Charge’ Trailer
Credit: EA via YouTube

A trailer for the second season of Apex Legends, Battle Charge, appears on reddit. A couple of hours later, an official post announces the official trailer releases June 27th, 1 PM EST.

Here’s a rundown of everything inside the trailer and what it means for Apex Legends Season 2, starting July 2nd.

First up, there’s a heavy focus on the new legend, Wattson. She’s the first character to speak in the trailer and we get glimpses of her personality and skillset throughout the trailer.

Her execution finishers look hilarious, especially the one with the floating and then vaporized Gibby. For such a cute-faced character, her finishers look pretty brutal, keeping in theme with the rest of the cast.

Next up, there looks like there’s going to be some big, big changes to the map. The repulsor is broken after an EMP charge. New buildings and features are added, flyers seem to roam free across the map, and a giant Leviathan roars over the arena.

Plus, it looks like the Leviathan will have a direct impact over the map. It squishes Mirage in the trailer. This is something fans of the game were sort of worried about: the potential RNG of getting squished by a giant monster out of your control worries the more competitive Apex Legends players. Have to wait and see how Respawn implements this mechanic.

Next up, the L-Star. We already know this gun is a powerful supply crate LMG with slow-firing energy rounds. It’s got enough strength to kick down doors and never has to be reloaded. All in all, it sounds powerful. With the buffs to the Kraber announced in a previous patch update, it’s likely the crates will be worth fighting over.

There’s also the first glimpse at some of the new content types mentioned at EA Play. Skydiving emotes. Octane spins around in the air (running) and Wraith pulls off some aerial acrobatics. Puts the game more in line with Fortnite but keeps it Apex style.

Lastly, the Ranked leagues. From Bronze to Apex Predator, the ranked system is designed to bring back more competitive players and keep those still invested excited by the prospect of improving their gameplay. Recent competitive tournaments have seemed a little flat because of the pub-stomping. If it’s ranked vs. ranked, maybe it will be more exciting.

Season 2 of Apex Legends releases July 2nd, 2019.