Apex Legends Has Several Interesting Changes Before Season 2, Kings Canyon Map Is Different

Apex Legends Has Several Interesting Changes Before Season 2, Kings Canyon Map Is Different
Credit: Apex Legends via Youtube

Apex Legends Season 2 is on the way and players can expect some big changes for the next iteration. But Respawn Entertainment has shown changes even before the release of the second season in an effort to hype the upcoming second season. Here’s one of the biggest changes we’ve seen so far: the Kings Canyon map isn’t the same way you remember it. And the development might hint at more changes to come.

One of the first changes seen recently involved the introduction of flyers. This update came last month on June 20th. The flyers literally came down from the sky during random online matches. Respawn timed the surprise perfectly for its players.

Responses to the flyers were pretty varied. The dragon-like creatures made some players run for cover, while others went to interact with the interesting beasts. It didn’t take players long to figure out that shooting the beasts caused them to drop loot boxes. Because, what else would players do in a battle royale game but shoot at the beasts?

The flyers preceded the changes in the Kings Canyon map, which was first noticed (or at least first posted about) by an inquiring user on Reddit. The Kings Canyon Repulsor Station has come back to life—its tower spinning with life and emitting sound at frequencies outside the range of human hearing. The Repulsor towers were present in Respawns earlier Titanfall series to scare away big creatures like leviathans and flyers.

The implication of the activated tower is, of course, a response to the flyers brought into the game. Repulsor towers’ frequencies are supposed to be painful for large animals who can hear them. All of the minor updates are likely intended to hype the coming second season. Based on the information shown in the trailer, a mysterious hacker named Crypto will destroy the tower, bringing the flyers into the game.

Fans can expect all kinds of new equipment and changes in the second season. Maps like Kings Canyon will become radically different, even beyond the minor changes we’re already seeing.

For the uninformed: Apex Legends is a battle royale style video game that incorporates some of the best features of Respawns’ earlier games, such as Titanfall. Players face off against 59 other players in a tournament of champions involving lasers, three dimension movement, and fun cartoonish graphics.

Apex Legends second season will be released on July 2nd, 2019. That’s tomorrow. Check out some of the newest developments before the official release.