Apex Legends First Look At Loba, The Next Legend Coming in Season 5 – Teleportation, Loot Stealing And More

Apex Legends First Look At Loba, The Next Legend Coming in Season 5 – Teleportation, Loot Stealing And More
Credit: Respawn Entertainment via YouTube

A brand new Stories from the Outlands, one of Respawn’s online series featuring various legends from the Apex Legends universe, dropped today. This one is all about Loba, the upcoming thief-legend for Season 5. “Legacy of a Thief” is the first real glimpse of her character, skillset, and backstory.

Loba first appeared in Revenant’s Season 4 animated short, where her father and mother are ruthlessly assassinated by the shadowy character. Speculation was rife that she was going to be the next character and this new trailer/animated short confirms that.

A lot of details have already been datamined about Loba. She has some interesting abilities, which are potentially game-changing, but after the lackluster release of Revenant, it’s always wise to be sceptical of a legend’s power before they’re released.

This animated short does give a few hints towards Loba’s skillset. Datamined info suggests she has some sort of teleportation ability and this appears in the animated short, as a sort of disc that comes from her bracelet. She teleports through the enemies to another location. If implemented correctly, this ability could be unbelievably powerful in-game.

Loba also has the ability to find loot – she is a thief, after all – but other than her ability as a thief it’s not clear what form that takes from the animated short alone. Datamined info suggests the ability to see certain loot through walls or to suck up loot like a giant vacuum. Fans will have to wait for the patch notes prior to Season 5 releasing to see the specifics.

Lastly, her relationship with Revenant will be interesting to see in-game. The hybrid assassin has made a small mark on the Apex Legends arena, although it would be great to see some in-game interactions between the two characters. Some new dialogue, perhaps.

Apex Legends Season 5 was delayed this week until May 12th. Most likely due to the WFH circumstances, the team has pushed back the release date to make sure everything is ready in time. Alongside Loba, there are some map changes on the way for World’s Edge and King’s Canyon. One new addition that usually happens during a new Season release is the introduction of a new gun, but so far there hasn’t been much info surrounding this.